End of Summer Backyard Checklist

July 19, 2022

We know the end of summer can be a bit of a bummer. Pool parties, barbecues, and kids going back to school might make you feel down. However, there are several things you can do to get your backyard ready for fall, and still be able to enjoy your outdoor space in the cooler seasons. Here is our end-of-summer backyard checklist to show you how to keep your yard organized.

Furniture and Grill Covers

If you do not use your outdoor furniture and grill year-round, one of the main things you will want to do is to purchase and place covers over the tops of things like grills, tables, chairs, and any other outdoor furniture you might have. By covering items you are not using, you will be able to keep things like rain, snow, and dust off. It can also help prevent damage from things like hail.

Trash Can

At the end of the summer, some folks like to throw an end-of-summer barbecue. Having an outdoor trash can makes it much more convenient for your guests to dispose of their trash. Having a dedicated outdoor trash can means that your guests will not have to wander around your kitchen opening all of your cabinets to find a place to throw out their trash.

Outdoor Seating

We know this might sound strange with summer coming to a close, but having outdoor seating year-round can be amazing! Autumn has some of the best weather and having a place to sit and enjoy it makes it even more enjoyable. So, grab a sturdy outdoor bench, a pair of rocking chairs, or even a patio set. You will love being able to sit on your deck, front porch, patio, or just in your yard in general, comfortably. Enjoying nature and outdoor spaces can be done in any season, so make it comfortable and memorable. Also, all of these furniture pieces are weather-proof and can be outside in all seasons without wear and tear.

Heat Lamps

If it gets cooler where you live once summer is over, consider getting a heat lamp or two for your deck. This will make your space easier and more comfortable to use even when it is chilly outside. You can place it near outdoor seating so you can sit and enjoy your time outside. Think of hosting outdoor meals and fun with friends even in the fall and winter all from your deck or patio.

Deck Box or Storage Bench

Who doesn’t love some hidden or discreet storage? Having a deck box by your pool, on your porch, or on your deck can make for a great place to store all the little loose items in your yard. Things like your pool toys, gardening equipment, patio cushions, grilling supplies, and so much more. Get a large deck box. It will keep everything inside safe and dry until you are ready to pull it out in the spring. This is because Keter deck boxes are weather-resistant and sturdy. So, you will not need to bring the deck box inside for rain, snow, or wind. There are so many sizes and styles of deck boxes, there is something for every outdoor space.

If you would prefer more discrete storage, you can always get a storage bench. So, you can use it for outdoor seating, and store away all of your outdoor items within the bench.

Large Weather-Proof Shed

If you have gotten your yard ready for the change between summer and fall before, you know that your garage can get overwhelmed and filled with stuff. You do not want it overflowing. So, take back your garage and get a large storage shed to put everything away.

With a large shed, you will be able to store patio furniture, your grill, pool toys, gardening tools, and more. If you still have space, you can also clean more of your garage out and put bikes, tools, and other things you typically have in the garage in the shed. That way, you will be able to use your garage for the purpose it was intended, to house your cars. This is especially important in the fall and winter because some weather conditions can hurt your car if it is left outside.

Smaller Shed (If you Don’t Have Space for the Big One)

If you do not have room for a larger shed in your backyard, or you do not have a backyard at all, you can always get a small storage shed that will fit against the side of your house. Small sheds are perfect for storing bikes, tools, and even hiding your large outdoor trash cans if you want. These smaller sheds come in so many colors and sizes that there is a great one just waiting to be put next to your home.

Yard Cleanup Tools

One major thing you’ll need to have ready at the end of the summer is tools to clean up your yard. As the seasons change, plants go into hibernation, some die, leaves fall from trees, etc. So, you’ll want to make sure you have trash bags, pruning shears, leaf blowers, a mulcher, a shrub trimmer, and perhaps more if you have a large garden. Trimming back shrubs and cleaning debris before it gets colder will help your yard look better and stay healthier going into autumn and winter. So, clean up what you can, store the tools away, and finish the cleanup in the autumn as needed. You’ll be grateful you have everything prepped and ready!

Changing between the seasons does not have to be sad. It can be a great time to prepare your outdoor space for different uses until summer returns. Making sure you’re prepared before the change of any season is really important, though. Otherwise, you might find yourself scrambling from store to store looking for items last minute! So, think ahead, be prepared, and you’ll be in a great space at the end of the summer!


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