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July 18, 2022


Decorating the interior with posters, paintings, and canvases with photo printing is a common practice. But how much a room can change when the image becomes the main focal point! Large paintings in interior design are the latest and, perhaps, the most original trend.

A tough choice between classics and modernity

Modern paintings on the wall can be made in a classic style, or with the help of contemporary art. In the first case, the center of the canvas is most often covered by a still life or a landscape, and modern painting gives the author complete freedom in abstract self-expression. The canvases are full of the brightest symbols and colors, which makes them an ideal addition to the contrasting elements of the room.

But how should we make the right choice?

If the apartment's interior does not contain extravagant details, but it is decorated quite calmly and discreetly, give preference to classic compositions. Sophisticated elements of the room will be perfectly combined with a calm landscape on the wall, for example, bright and somewhat disturbing paintings will complement the general atmosphere in the room and give it a uniquely chic design.

"Complicated" modern premises are better supplemented with the same deep and bold paintings. Beautiful paintings by modern artists for such an interior can include abstractionism, avant-garde, and surrealism. For example, a bright room with bright red sofas and decorations can be supplemented with a continuation of the contrast in the form of an abstract painting with a red tint.

Posters. Why not, actually?

Posters consisting of several parts have gained wide popularity in recent years. They play an essential role in the decoration of apartments and bring a touch of freshness and modernity to them. The component works of art can have different sizes and shapes, the main rule is the unity of the color palette and plot. There are massive modular paintings and small options for different rooms. You should pay attention to the dimensions of a modern picture on the wall because they play a significant role: a small decoration will be "lost" in the middle of a large space.

The workshops offer exclusive modular paintings, which include details in the form of lace, feathers, small stones, and other decorations. The application method gives the canvas a special chic and makes you admire them again and again.

The picture as a color accent

In contrast to the previous option, we can cite as an example large colorful canvases, which serve in the interior not only as an object of art but also as a powerful color accent. The exuberance of colors on the canvas will look great against the background of calm interior decoration in the modern, contemporary, or even neoclassical style.

Features of modular paintings

Modular pictures are several fragments of a single composition without frames. By varying the location of individual modules and the distance between them, you can get the illusion of dynamism and depth. Actually, that is why such a decorative move attracts attention and arouses interest.

There are no clear ideas about how to properly create modular images. Focus on your wishes and interior features, and experiment. You can arrange parts of the picture in any order: horizontally, vertically, or form a square or diagonal. Moreover, the strict structure can also be violated - turn the creative process into a game, collect puzzles as you like, it is only important that the work is organically woven into the overall design of the space.

As for the dimensions, freedom of choice is also given here, but in order to fit the modules into the dimensions of the room as harmoniously as possible, we recommend that you use the following method. Buy or find newspapers in different formats at home or from friends. Carefully fix the various options on the wall and choose the one that seems most suitable to you. Step away, and see how the other items in the room compare to the individual newspapers. Having made a final choice, order a picture of the appropriate size.

The most common parameter that divides modular paintings into types is the number of elements that make up the canvas. Thus, the following types of modular paintings can be distinguished:

1. Polyptych - consists of 5 or more segments;

2. Pentaptych - segments of this type consist of 4 parts, which are arranged in a free order;

3. Triptych - a classic version: a composition consisting of 3 segments;

4. Diptych is a type of modular painting that can be placed even in the smallest room because they consist of 2 elements.

Panoramic wall art is an essential piece of art nowadays

However, many people forget in vain about large single-panel paintings, which belong to the panoramic category, and depict sensual and deep subjects, regardless of their impressive size.

A panoramic art print should be examined gradually, it cannot be grasped instantly, from one glance, it is better to do it while being at some distance. Such contemplation is the most natural for a person, it subconsciously causes pleasant sensations.

A panoramic picture in the interior of the apartment additionally adds an element of originality. This effect is especially achieved due to the absence of a frame, thanks to which the picture has no clear boundaries and looks like a natural part of the wall as if growing out of it.

A panoramic picture on the wall, with its correct location in the interior and good lighting, looks extremely impressive, correctly selected according to the plot, it contributes to a unified design style and integrity. Panoramic paintings placed in rooms decorated in the style of minimalism are especially beautiful, they bring a little joy and luxury to the interior, and the room looks cozier and brighter.

Stylish panoramic paintings for the interior are suitable for any room, the main thing is to choose an appropriate plot and decide on a color scheme suitable for this room. Many designers agree that it is difficult to find better wall decor than a panoramic picture - it looks stylish, modern, and beautiful. With the help of such a picture, according to experts, it is easier to achieve balanced proportions of the room.

Such type of wall art in the interior can not only enliven the room but also affect a person's mood, so its choice should be approached very responsibly. A stylish painting can become just an additional touch, or it can completely focus attention on itself and set a stylistic direction for the entire room.

Before Buying an Original Large Painting

Original large paintings are a true commitment; depending on how much wall decor you require, your final selections may reflect limitations, such as allocated funds. Before seeking the perfect large art in online galleries like GalleryToday, you must measure intended wall spaces to determine proper sizing and distribution of art -- varying levels of quality must also match homeowner, employee and customer expectations. The dimensions of a painting are very important, lending ability to control a room with the size of your wall art; for example, an oil painting measuring 40 inches wide or more is highly visible, immediately capturing the eye.

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