Features to Check-in GPS Trackers and Their Benefits

July 13, 2022

Do you have a business that requires you to rent machinery and equipment regularly? Or are you a project owner with a fleet that requires constant tracking and supervision?

One of the primary concerns of individuals who rent their vehicles or own several pieces of equipment is ensuring their safety, usage, or location throughout the day.

People must consider getting a GPS tracker if they want complete control over their machines, equipment, or fleet. Telematics solutions offer the benefits of location tracking, remotely accessing the hardware, and getting real-time information regarding its usage.

However, the benefits of this tracker are not just limited to tracking locations. It also enhances the safety of one’s equipment with features like pre-starts, geofencing, and remote immobilisation.

The tracking technology offers people complete control over their resources regardless of where they stay. However, before buying one for yourself, here are some features and other details you should consider.

Pre-start Inspections

A piece of machinery must undergo safety inspections before operations, which is what this feature provides. The in-built system prevents the machine from running until the user completes the safety routine examinations.

Having this in a tracking device increases the safety of the equipment and significantly reduces the chances of failure or technical issues which might require expensive repairs in the future.



Are you worried someone might use your assets outside the work perimeter? Geofencing is the solution, as it ensures that the equipment remains within the boundaries they are supposed to.

If someone is worried about their vehicles crossing the designated work boundaries, they can disable the vehicles remotely using this feature. It prevents those from being misused and stolen and offers live updates regarding their arrival and departure from the work sites.

Remote Immobilisation

Has anybody’s lessee breached the agreed usage arrangements and used the vehicles for purposes other than the intended ones? One can take the help of remote immobilisation in such situations.

People can immobilise or disable their assets, regardless of location. It enables them to set a timer for the machine, allowing it to run exclusively for a specified time.

Asset intelligence and ERP connection capabilities help hire companies to track and reduce hire leakage and hire theft.

Hire controllers when they use a GPS Tracker to detect missed revenue have the option of sending through reports providing evidence to customers or in worst-case scenarios remotely disabling the asset.

Usage Tracking and Diagnostics

It provides live tracking of a person’s fleet, including the address, timings, and hours of its usage. A person also receives full equipment diagnostics, enabling them to identify issues or complications as those arise and address them immediately rather than spend money on expensive repairs later.


The specific integration abilities vary from tracker to tracker, so it is better to check that in advance. Before buying, check if the device has API integrations that enable compelling communications between your software and other systems.

When the GPS tracker is integrated with your rental software (which you use while renting the machines), it allows the automation of various features.

Owning a fleet, machinery, or equipment is a significant investment, and you should use a tracker to ensure its safety and security. It is vital to have complete control over your hardware regardless of your present location, and this technology enables you to do just that.



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