Five Ways to Create Unusual and Striking Images of Your Construction or Remodeling Project

July 12, 2022

If you’re about to begin a major construction or remodeling project, you’ll probably want to document it by taking lots of photographs. You can then have photos of each stage of the process, from the early days of the project to the completion.

You’ll have photos to keep, and in years to come, you’ll be able to look at them and remember and admire all your handy work.

But there are sure to be some images that vie for attention to take center stage; whether you intend to frame them, keep them in the cloud, or put them in a photo album.

And with so many different features now available with photo editing software, you can use tools and effects to create more unusual and striking versions of some of your selected photographs.

Here are five ways to go about it.

1. Make Your Photos Look Like Sketches

With some great photo editing tools, you can create a sketch effect on your photos to make them look more artistic.

When you use a sketch effect that includes the option to turn your images into sepia or black and white, you can especially create striking photos that will look great hung on your wall.

Indeed, it can take just a few minutes, or even seconds, to add a sketch effect to your photo to make it look like a professional artwork.

2. Create an Oil Painting Effect

By using an oil painting effect, you can make your photos look like artworks by old masters.

With added brushstrokes and texture, your construction or remodeling project photographs can look exceptionally striking.

Hang a photo with an oil painting effect on your wall, and visitors might even think you’ve had a painting commissioned!

3. Turn Your Images into Pop Art

There are all kinds of art effects that you can add to the photos of your construction or remodeling project, including a pop art effect.

You can make your photos into eye-catching Warhol-like artworks in no time at all. Simply follow these instructions on how to turn a photo into pop art.

Then, try out the effect on various photographs to choose the one that looks best in the pop art style.

If you’re looking to hang a photo of your construction or remodeling project in your home, and you want an unusual or striking appearance, using the pop art feature of photo editing software is one option you’ll definitely want to consider and try out.

4. Use an Underpainting Tool

If you’re looking for an effect that’s subtler, look for photo editing software that includes an underpainting tool.

With it, you can easily create a layering effect on your photo and evenly distribute light and dark colors to create a striking image that you’re sure to want to show off.

Try the effect on several of your construction or remodeling project photographs to discover which images the tool works best with.

5. Create a Collage

A collage maker tool can help you to create breathtaking collages that include several of your best photographs.

If you’re looking for imagery to frame and put on your walls, perhaps in the space that you have constructed or remodeled, collages can be particularly effective.

You don’t even have to spend much time trying out different layouts for your college. By using a photo editing tool’s collage maker, you can simply upload photos and let the automatic collage wizard do the rest.

Final Thoughts

After you’ve planned your construction or remodeling project, such as using reverse engineering to remodel your home, take lots of photos throughout the duration of the project so that you have plenty to choose from for creating striking or unusual imagery.

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