Floor Table Japanese Dining

July 14, 2022

What exactly is a floor table?

Have you ever thought about getting a floor table? Or maybe you’ve just seen them and are curious. Floor tables are another term for Japanese tables. They are a staple in most Japanese homes and restaurants. It is a typical dinner table, only it sits lower. Closer to the floor. As opposed to the traditional, westernized dining table. Where the legs are taller and you sit on a chair to eat. With a Japanese table, you sit on a soft cushion on the floor. Just a few inches under the tabletop. In Japan, the floor table is actually called a Chabudai table. The height of the table ranges anywhere from 5 inches to 12 inches tall. Keep reading to hear all about the floor table.

The art of decluttering

The legs of the table are usually collapsible. This makes it easy to store the table away when not in use. The collapsible legs coincide with a Japanese design theory called Kanso. Kanso is the philosophy of decluttering your personal space. When your personal space is rid of clutter, it also helps rid your mind of clutter as well. This philosophy perhaps is the inspiration behind the Japanese author Marie Kondo’s organizational method of tidying up. She focuses on getting rid of things in your home that do not "bring you joy."

Floor table designed for intimacy

The cushions that are used for sitting at the Chabudai are typically zabuton or tatami cushions. Japanese tables, or floor tables, are usually round. Or sometimes oval in shape. This is to create a more family-focused experience. Mealtime is a time to spend time with loved ones. To converse on your day.  Furthermore, to discuss what is going on in each other’s lives. The circular design makes it so that everyone is face to face, and involved in the conversation. Its designs create more intimate settings. Everyone feels included.

Lets get creative

Floor tables aren’t only used for eating, however. They are also used for crafting activities such as sewing. Or writing. In some cultures, it is believed that closeness to the earth promotes self-grounding. And also a connection to the earth. This is why many people chose to complete their creative endeavors using this sort of table. It can help get the creative juices flowing. The near proximity to the earth also follows another Japanese design theory. This theory is Seijaku. Seijaku is the philosophy of embracing the tranquility and solitude that you feel when sitting close to the ground. When you are close to the earth, you can feel at peace. With people and things that have come before you. It's an amazing way of feeling gratitude, and connectedness. 

Smaller bellies and better posture? Yes, please

Floor tables are great for creating more space in your home. However, they also have some health benefits as well. When we sit on the floor, rather than in a chair, our stomachs are naturally pushed inside. Closer to our bodies. This makes it so that while we are eating, we perhaps feel fuller quicker. Therefore we aren’t eating more than we need to. As opposed to eating until we feel sick. It’s great for our digestive health. Sitting at a floor table is also great for your posture as well. As it forces us to sit up straighter. This results in strengthening our backbone. 

Floor Table


There are many reasons to opt for a floor table. There are also numerous health benefits as well. Floor tables help with more intimate communication. They also help with digestion and meditation. And, to be honest, they look really cool. So go ahead and make the change today! There are so many different floor tables to choose from. You can't go wrong. Happy hunting! Read more on our front page.

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  1. I love floor tables, I find myself using my coffee table as a floor table all the time

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