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July 26, 2022


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When performing general maintenance tasks on your home, you may be tempted to do it all on your own, but it’s not always possible. Whilst certain tasks may seem simple enough, there could be a whole plethora of safety concerns or additional issues and complications that you haven’t considered or may simply not be aware of as an amateur DIY-er. Here are some tasks around your home that you might need to consider a professional for, and why you’ll need them.

Gas & Heating

As gas is such a potentially volatile and dangerous element to be dealing with, most tasks involving gas appliances will need a professional certified by the Gas Safe Register to work on it. Someone without such a qualification working with gas could end up with deadly risks such as a gas leak, carbon monoxide poisoning or fire and explosion.

There are however some things you can do yourself, for example resetting a boiler is a simple case of finding the control panels and holding down some buttons.

You can also bleed a radiator yourself if it feels uneven and cold in spots. Just make sure you turn the heating off first, so you don’t burn yourself, put down a cloth to catch any water that may come out and then loosen the valve with a key to let out trapped air (you’ll hear a hissing sound). If this does not improve the efficiency of your heating, you may need a professional to perform a powerflush with specialised chemicals instead.

Gardening & Trees

Everyone can do a little bit of gardening, though your level of expertise may decide the amount and frequency you indulge in your green thumbed hobby. Tasks like performing work on trees, however, are another story. Anything that proposes a safety risk may best be left to the professionals.

Cutting down a tree, or just giving it a trim, may sound like a simple enough task but there is a lot that could go wrong in an amateur’s hands. There’s dealing with heights, and even if you don’t have any phobia of that, there’s still the risk that you could fall off the ladder, be hit by falling branches or cut yourself on sharp tools – not to mention the falling tree could potentially hurt someone or damage property.

It may be best to contact a professional by searching tree surgeon chelmsford to find a service in your local area. Experts can fell trees, thin them out and remove stumps, which saves you buying or renting a stump grinder yourself.


If you have the time and patience, you may be able to put up with light plumbing work such as installing new taps and toilets, but there can be complications that come along with this type of work. Just when you think you’ve got it all connected, an extra thing to consider could arise.

Risking leaks and water damage isn’t worth it, as this could end up costing you hundreds more in repair work having to replace rotten floorboards and so on. If you’re unsure, just get a professional in, they’ll do it much quicker and perhaps even save you money that would’ve gone on a bunch of tools and accessories.


Like with gas, electricity is a potentially hazardous element that could pose life threatening risks in the wrong hands. Unless you’re comfortable with wiring, call an electrician. It might help to also remember that other amateurs may have worked on the wiring before you, so everything might not be where it’s supposed to be, making it even more difficult.

Pest Control

While you can buy repellents that might do the trick in solving your pest issues, bigger problems such as the discovery of a wasp or bee nest, or a dead animal like a fox will need a professional for safety reasons. There’s obviously the risk of getting stung when trying to deal with a nest, and bees being endangered is a hot topic, so you want to remove them safely.

Call An Expert Today

If you’ve run into a problem with your home, call an expert, not only will it save you time but it’s safer too.



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