How Harmful Is Too Much Sitting?

July 30, 2022

Did you know sitting too much can exponentially harm many people throughout their lifetime? Many links connect an array of health issues and critical medical conditions resulting from sitting for extended periods at a time. Some significant health concerns of too much sitting can result in higher blood pressure, increased risk of weight gain or obesity, and increased blood sugar. It can also lead to problems with your heart health, depression, diabetes, dementia, and several types of cancers.

What Are the Health Risks That Too Much Sitting Can Cause?

Too much sitting is harmful because doing so can cause various health issues and concerns. It can lead to you gaining significant weight and developing heart problems, like an increased risk of getting a heart attack or stroke. It can also increase the chance of developing several different kinds of cancer, including colon and lung cancer, a higher risk of depression and anxiety, and higher blood pressure, among other problems.

Ultimately, sitting for too long at a time can lead you to potentially have many severe health problems, such as metabolic syndrome. Metabolic syndrome is an array of health conditions, such as raised blood sugar, high blood pressure, atypical cholesterol levels, and a surplus of body fat at a person’s waist, that escalate the risk of stroke, heart disease, and diabetes.

Why Do People Sit Too Much If It Is Harmful?

People who sit for many hours of the day might need to do so because of many different possible responsibilities. Some of these reasons might include a person who has an office job that requires sitting for extensive periods a day, such as an office assistant, data entry clerk, mail clerk, or even an accountant, among many other jobs and career fields.

Other jobs that often require a significant period of sitting at a time include those that need you to perform transportation services, such as being a taxi driver or a driver for a different car service, like Uber or Lyft. By this, you are usually sedentary for a few hours due to having to spend the time driving and, therefore, in your vehicle sitting to transport others around.

What Are Effective Solutions for Helping Alleviate Health Concerns for Those Who Sit Too Much?

Compression socks are a reliable and safe way to promote healthy circulation and blood flow for many people. Compression socks are particularly beneficial for those with a specific job or other responsibility that requires sitting for many hours of the day. Further, this same sentiment is true for those who spend a significant amount of the day standing and on their feet. Many who work in medical career fields have jobs requiring them to be on their feet for most of the day, such as nurses and doctors. Therefore, compression socks can be particularly advantageous for such people.

Wearing compression socks brings pressure onto your leg, which, in consequence, helps to decrease enlarged veins and strengthen your blood flow. Further, this escalation in circulation prevents blood from pooling in your ankles and feet, resulting in sitting for lengthy amounts and extensive periods. Compression socks can potentially even help to stop blood clots from developing.

Compression socks are especially advantageous and valuable for those who spend a significant amount of their day sitting because they can help to bring down the swelling that sitting for long hours at a time the day generally causes. Compression socks can help alleviate some of the pain sitting too much for a period causes, particularly in your feet and legs.


If you sit for a substantial time of your day at a time, there are many significant advantages wearing compression socks can have for you. Specifically, some of which include preventing your legs from becoming achy, worn out, and fatigued. Further, wearing compression socks can not only help to relieve the swelling in your feet and ankles, but it also helps to heal and stop the future formation of spider and varicose veins. Wearing compression socks can even prevent you from feeling as though you are getting unsteady, shaky, or faint upon standing up.



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