How to Buy a Good Couch? 3 Tips

July 26, 2022

The couch or a sofa is the most significant and commonest furniture in any space. Undoubtedly, it is a major investment, choosing wisely means it will last you and your family for many years.

In any living space, it is a vital furniture piece for lounging, reading, eating, entertaining, watching TV, and even napping. Therefore, there is a myriad of factors that you need to consider, from aesthetic to practical.

Since it is a large purchase, it makes sense that you want to take some time before finalizing one, and don’t forget to explore the leather couch for sale to get the best deal. This comprehensive guide will be your assistance to help you find the right leather couch.

3 Tips For Buying a Good Couch

Style preference, aesthetics, and color patterns are personal choices, follow the objective criteria to choose a high-quality sofa. Keep in mind how it will be used, the space it will occupy, and the style of the room.

From taking the measurements to choosing the sturdy frame, here are 3 important tips for buying a good couch.

Invest in a Sturdy Frame

Investing in good quality, the sturdy frame ensures many years of lounging. Natural wood is the most solid sturdy frame material whereas medium density fiberboard (MDF) is not a reliable frame and is most likely to fall apart within a few years.

Pricier hardwood construction including kiln-dried oak, beech, or ash ensures a long-lasting sofa. A softer wood like pine is an affordable option, however, it may warp or wobble after a few years.

Frames made out of particleboard, plastic, or metal should be avoided at all costs. They are cheap, generally uncomfortable, and most likely to warp and crack. Before investing in any couch, make sure that it comes with a warranty, ideally over a 15-year guarantee.

Choosing the Right Fabric

Similar to shape and style, choosing the right fabric is important to determine its durability and longevity. Here are some options you have in terms of sofa fabric

  • Performance - It is good quality material and resistant to water and oil. The performance material is manufactured to prevent stains.
  • Leather - It is a foolproof choice for families with pets and kids. It is durable and easy to clean, however, be mindful of the type of leather, especially in the used couches. Avoid aniline leather and opt for full grain and top grain for the best quality.
  • Linen - Although it is pretty high maintenance and prone to wrinkles and wear, still, most people choose this fabric for its visual appeal.
  • Wool Blend - Pure wool hides stains well, however, tricky to care for. Some synthetic blends are easy to clean and resistant to pilling.

Shape And Size

Measure the size of the room and see what kind of style and shape would suit the space best. Determine the couch's function to find a shape that will help fulfill that purpose.

For instance, the L-shaped sofa is great for open areas that need division, in contrast, the round shape complements smaller spaces. Loveseat is ideal for studio dwellers and invest in a convertible sofa bed if your house lacks a guest room.


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