How To Fix A Flooded Basement

July 17, 2022

After a major storm, unfortunately, you might be left dealing with flooding in your basement. It’s natural to have so much in your mind about the damage that the water can cause. But when there’s stagnant floodwater, you need to fix any damages to your basement fast. Standing water can damage your property and your health.

Ideally, every home should have a sump pump, as this is what can keep water from flooding a house’s basement. But unfortunately, it can’t pump out the floodwater when it’s broken or there’s no electricity. As a result, homeowners are left standing in dirty water and unsure how to remedy the situation.

On the one hand, a flooded basement is always an unpleasant sight. But there are things you can do to fix and restore it on your own. But with the most professional water damage restoration Garland, Texas, has to offer, you know you’re in good hands. So here are some strategies to help you fix your flooded basement.

Shut Off The Electricity

First, you must ensure that anyone who goes into your basement to help with cleaning will be safe. Water and electricity don’t go very well together, so you must shut off electricity in your home until your basement dries. Shutting off the power is one of the most critical things you must do, especially as a new homeowner.

This is a crucial step, especially when the water level is already equal to or higher than your outlets. However, if there’s a power outage in your area, don’t rely on this. You never know when the electrical company will switch the power back on. So keep yours off until professionals fix the flooding problem.

Drying a concrete floor under a fabric covering. After pouring, initial drying, and then drilling and blowing hot air into the heating zone and drying the outgoing air.

Call Professionals For Help

If you’re unsure how to start fixing the flood damage in your basement, call professionals to do this for you. This is the best solution, particularly when looking at an extensive damage level. Here are three professionals who can visit your home for this job:

  • An electrician
  • A plumber
  • A basement waterproofing company

Apart from these three services, you’ll need the best water restoration company Plano, Texas, citizens trust. That way, you can mitigate the damage your home got from flooding. These tradesmen work on fixing the water damage in your home, and they can teach you a few techniques to prevent water damage in the future.

If you want to learn the effects water damage has on your home, this video gives you an in-depth explanation:

Call Your Insurance Company

If you have home insurance and flooding is part of your plan, contact your insurance company ASAP and inform them about the flood. The sooner you do this, the faster they can process your claim for the cost of damages and repair.

When you talk with your insurance company, confirm critical details like the conditions, coverage, inclusions, and the claim process. It can help you get back on track faster when you don’t have to worry about the financial aspect of flood damage restoration.

Remove Any Residual Water

Suppose the electrical company has inspected your home and considered it safe to turn on your power. In that case, you can now start the cleanup process. Again, you can do your part as the homeowner, especially when the flooding isn’t significant.

A wet-and-dry vacuum cleaner is an excellent way to start. If you don’t have one, you can always rent one. A wet-and-dry vacuum cleaner has powerful suction that enables it to suck slush, grime, and water.

Use A Mop

Are there other household members who can lend a hand with cleaning? As you operate the vacuum, you can give them a mop. It’s a fundamental tool, but it can also help speed up the cleaning process.

Grab a bucket and bring it with you to your basement. Sop up the water, then dump the filled buckets outside, far from your home. If you have a big yard, you can toss it to the farthest point of your yard.

Dehumidify Your Basement

For a couple of days after getting rid of all the standing water in your basement, the moisture level in the area may still be relatively high. When left that way, those high humidity levels can cause mildew, mold, and many other problems that can cause further damage to your basement.

A dehumidifier can help normalize the humidity in your basement by removing all the excess moisture. Like the vacuum cleaner, you can rent a dehumidifier or two if you don’t have one.


It’s natural for homeowners to panic at the sight of flooding in their basement. And even the most strong-willed persons will be at a loss on what to do to restore their basement’s condition. You can attempt to do a DIY, especially when this isn’t the first time you’ve experienced flooding in your home. However, don’t take any chances and let the experts do their job instead. You can hire water damage restoration companies to do this job on your behalf.

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