How to Fix or Repair a Slow Opening Garage Door

July 5, 2022

A garage door goes through a lot every day. Due to its heavy lifting, there are high chances that it gets issues while opening and closing. To keep working properly, you need to maintain it periodically. A slow opening and closing garage door are an indication that your garage door needs fixing. Read through to know how to fix or repair a slow opening garage door.

How long does a garage door usually take to open and close?

The garage doors usually take around 15 seconds to open or close. If you find your garage door to take 3 seconds more or less than that, even then there is no problem and your garage door is working fine. Most of the garage doors take exactly 15 seconds for their operation. If you notice any marked difference in their function, then it’s the time to get it checked. For instance, if the garage door is taking more than 20 seconds to open, it is better to concern a technician and fix it timely.

Common issues and their fixing

Most of the time, your garage door is working slow because it is out of lubricant. Fixing this is super easy as you only need to lubricate the door’s hinges, tracks and brackets. These parts of your garage door develop friction with each other without the lubricant and thus working slowly. A little fixing will help you save your time and money. If this issue is left untreated, it might turn into a big one and cost you more.

Once you have lubricated all the parts, check the door if it is working in order or not. If you still find its speed slower than normal, then go for the inspection in detail. If you have speed controls in your garage door, ensure that it is not on the slower mode. When you adjust the setting to the normal speed, then run the operation and notice the speed again. If adjusting the speed and lubrication are not helping restore the speed of your garage door, look for other issues.

Other issues that make the garage doors slower while opening and closing are the loosen springs and worn-out pulleys. These problems should not be solved on your own. It is better to take help from the professional instead. An experienced technician will analyze your garage door comprehensively. He will see what repair can fix your garage door for a longer duration and recommend the best solution. These problems are complicated and demand fixing sooner than later. Therefore, it is not a wise decision to fix them on your own.

When to get your garage door serviced?  

If you feel that your garage door is taking more time for opening and closing than normal, it is best to get your garage door serviced. With a lot of other professional services claiming that they are the best, HomeTown Garage Doors are guaranteeing exceptional services Including Garage Door Installation, maintenance, and Garage Door Repair in OKC, Oklahoma City and it’s surrounding areas like Norman, Owasso etc


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