How To Get Your Song On The Radio, Even If You Are Just A Tiny Indie Artist?

July 28, 2022


It’s a fact that everyone wants their talent to be lauded and recognized. Even if you are a tiny indie artist, there is no harm in dreaming big. You must have wondered how to get your song on the radio? You would have dreamed of the radio playing your music as an indie artist.

When you get radio play on your music can help you get more listeners and increase your income. However, for this, you need to submit your song to radio station. But then a question pops up again – how to submit a song to the radio station?

If you’re looking for the answers to these questions, fret not! This post will give you tips to get your music on the radio.

Tips to get your music on the radio 

If you write good songs with a unique music style, don’t keep it to yourself. Try to submit your song now and get radio play. However, it can be daunting to get your music on the radio. That’s why this post has a collation of tips for you to use to get your music playing on the radio. These tips will help you get your song on the radio and increase its visibility.

Here are the valuable tips for submitting your song to a radio station:

1. Write a splendid song 

The first and foremost step to getting your music on the radio is to write a splendid song. This means you need to write meaningful and unique lyrics. Also, compose music that blends well with the lyrics. The track should evoke emotions and feelings. Additionally, it should appeal to the masses so that the radio agrees to play it.

So, ensure you give attention to the songwriting process and create high-quality lyrics.

song writing.jpg

2. Record the song properly

Another important aspect of getting your song on the radio is to record your music properly. Radio stations receive thousands of music, so it won’t get played if you're recording pales in comparison. Hence, ensure you use high-quality recording devices to record your songs.

If you can afford it, you must record your song in a studio so that you get a good sound quality.

song recording.jpg

3. Approach the right people

It is essential to approach the right people to get your music on the radio. This means you need to explore radio stations' websites to know who the right person to reach is.

You might find the contact details of the music director, program director, DJ, or station producer for larger radio stations. However, for smaller radio stations, you might want to reach out to the generic contact number and email on their contact us pages.

man listening to the radio.jpg

4. Submit the music in the correct format 

Once you get the contact details, make sure to ask them how you need to submit your music. Some radio stations may require you to send a CD or pen drive of your songs. Many will also accept links to your tracks. When you send links, ensure they are named clearly and are not simply .mp3 files.

Always try to confirm with the radio station what format is accepted and compatible with their system.

audio song.jpg

5. Target the right stations 

You must target suitable radio stations when you want to get your song on the radio. For instance, targeting a metal or rock and roll radio station is pointless if you have created a slow melody number. Ensure you understand radio stations' history, theme, genre, and more before approaching them.

If you don’t bother researching the radio station and simply send your song without understanding their genre, you won’t get commercial success. Moreover, you might risk getting blocked if you don’t get to know the radio station well.

radio station.jpg

6. Have a great press kit

Having an excellent press kit is vital to ensure the radio station knows about you. A solid social media presence and ensuring you have your music on YouTube are also essential. Additionally, you should send an excellent electronic press kit to the radio channel to introduce yourself in an eye-catchy manner.


It is possible to get radio play for your song even if you are a small indie artist. You need to approach the right people to submit a song. Moreover, you must ensure your song is well-recorded and that you reach the right radio station. Additionally, when you submit your song to radio station, you must ensure it is in a suitable format.

Also, you should write emails and follow-ups to various local radio stations to get out there.

They also provide weekly feedback and reviews to ensure you can continue to get the radio to play your music. So, what are you waiting for? Submit your song now and become a famous indie artist.



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