How to sell a house by owner in Georgia?

July 20, 2022

A real estate agent is the first person that comes to people’s minds when you think of selling your house. A realtor helps you to minimize your time while maximizing your profit. But after all these great benefits of having a realtor, some sellers still don’t want to work with a realtor. So what can be the potential reasons for not working with a realtor? A possible reason can be the seller and the buyer knows each other, so they don’t need any intermediate between them. Another possible reason may be the large amount of money the realtor charges as a commission. Sellers think that by going with the FSBO or using the best FSBO sites they can save thousands of dollars. There are many other

people also who just don’t want to work with a realtor no one knows what their reasons are.


If you are also an owner of a house and don’t know how to sell your own home in Georgia by owner then this article will greatly help you. Let’s see how to sell your house for sale by owner in Georgia.


Do some homework

By homework I mean don’t place for sale sign in front of your house unless you already know about the home selling process in Georgia. Before doing anything do some research, read some books, or watch some videos on YouTube about how to sell your house by owner in Georgia. As you don’t have the invaluable guidance of a realtor and there is a lot of nitty-gritty involved in matters of real

estate. So to avoid any mistakes do some thorough research beforehand.

Set the price of your home

The price of your house will single-handedly decide how quickly your property will get sold. The price of your house will play a major role. No matter whether you are selling the house by owner or through a real estate agent. Your house price will decide whether it will attract potential buyers or not. So when selling a house by the owner always set a realistic price. Remember if you set a too low price then you may get a lot of offers that might confuse you. And if you set a too high price then you may not get any buyer for your house.


Increase your home’s appeal

Proper staging can increase your home’s appeal in the eyes of the buyers. It will highlight all the good features of your house and can generate you a hefty amount in just a few days in the market. So if you are confused about whether your home needs a makeover or not. Then Just think from the buyer's perspective. Ask yourself if you were a buyer would you buy that property or not? And if you found out that your house needs maintenance. Then either do it by yourself or hire some handyman for it. You can also increase your home’s appeal by removing your personal items and by making your house like a blank canvas that the buyer can paint accordingly. Remember, your home only has one chance to leave an impression on buyers so don't lose the opportunity.


Hire a local real estate photographer

If you really want to make an expression on buyers. Then hire a professional photographer who can take some quality photos and videos of your home. If there are any other amenities like a swimming pool, gym, or some popular places in your neighborhood. Then don’t forget to include those in your photos and videos as well. This will enhance your listing on social media websites. It’s a fact that homes that are photographed by a professional real estate photographer sell 30% faster than normal picturized houses. Because photos of the house are generally the first thing that the buyers search for.

Start marketing and advertising


Here you should know that your presence on social media websites will directly impact the prices of your house. So upload as many professional photos and videos as possible on social media. You should not just focus on social media instead you should use everything you have at your disposal. In other words, you should market your house on emails, bulletin boards, yard signs, etc. If you want to list your home on a multiple listing service (MLS). Then you should know that only licensed real estate agents have access to the MLS. In such a case, you can go for a flat fee MLS listing service. They offer a low commission and charge just a couple of dollars. There is some good MLS platform like Houzeo which is the most advanced for sale by owner and flat fee MLS platform. Houzeo says we buy houses for cash near me and help customers save thousands in real estate commissions.


Make your home ready to show it to potential buyers

Social media did its job, and you have finally got texts and calls from potential buyers. Now it's time to show your house to potential buyers. So make sure your house is in presentable condition. After showing your house to the potential buyer make sure you get his feedback. Remember, feedback is something that will help you in the future about what went wrong.


Negotiate and lock a deal

If you get any offer then you should negotiate if it is too low. Give a counter offer of what you expect. And if you get an offer as of what you expected then lock a deal.

The final word

By following all the above-mentioned points you can easily sell your house without a realtor in Georgia. But remember that a realtor may charge a 4-6% commission fee but the assistance he will provide you is of much more significance.




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