Hybrid Flooring Installation in 6 Easy Steps

July 31, 2022


Hybrid flooring is a new product that is a combination of solid surface and vinyl. You can buy hybrid flooring that is both hardwood and laminate. It means that it contains properties like real hardwood floors, but also pliability and flexibility like vinyl tiles. It is a one in a million choice. Hybrid flooring installation can be tricky because it requires tools or equipment. If you want to self-install hybrid flooring, you need to be aware that there are installation requirements you have to follow:

1. Scale the area properly

Area measurement is a vital part that you should do carefully and accurately. Start measuring the corner lengths and small areas such as passageways. Lay out your measurements on paper so that you can clearly see how long each stand is going to be and across how many spaces it will cover.

Do a moist check: Check the density of your existing floor on which the actual floor will be laid. Generally, it cannot rise or fall more than 2mm or 1000mm radius for an optimal installation, if your subfloor is moist then moisture protectant is a must before installing the hybrid plank.

Flat Surface: It's important to ensure that you have a flat surface to install the flooring on. If the floor is not level, it could potentially ruin your whole installation. You should check with special tools which can help you measure the height or radius of your subfloor.

Alignment: The shape of a room is an important factor in the overall architecture of your home and any poor plan can cause problems. Your room has a shape so choose wisely. If your room is rectangular, then it is recommended to place short-edged planks in the center of your flooring and this will give a nice appearance which includes the corners and edges. Make sure that planks are placed with uniformity, otherwise you may end up in a jumbled mess.

2. Prepare the foundation

The foundation has to be solid. Base Floor is extremely important to the overall appearance of installation. Keep an eye on the cleanliness and dryness of the subfloor before hybrid flooring installation. It is crucial that there be no contamination like paints, polishes, etc. Correctly installed subfloors can last for years and leave you with a beautiful entrance to your living room or kitchen. However, if they're not installed correctly, they can start looking cheap, uneven, and ugly after a few months.

Underlay is optional: Underlayment comes in different types of materials and thicknesses. You can choose from the standard thickness to the maximum. Nowadays, most manufacturers offer pre-attached underlayment that can be applied easily without any mess. It comes in a variety of materials like plastic and rubber. The main benefit of putting a rubber sheet is that it can reduce fall noises and walking noises and also it will prevent scratches.

3. Installation Process

It's time to install your first row of planks, face away from the wall and press the ends over the top of each other until they meet at each end. Use your knife if necessary to shave any slight imperfections in the wood away, this is where experience comes into play!

Connect rows: The first row of planks will face away from the wall and can easily slot into each other. There are spacers for you to check if your planks are all aligned and uniform. Lay down some spacers as you go along, this will help you to notice any gaps or irregularities in alignment. You should always leave an expansion gap of 6mm between each plank as hybrid planks expand by temperature changes, this is where your rubber mallet comes in handy!

Click-Lock: Tap gently with a rubber mallet to activate the click lock system. Do it right and the planks will be tight and flat. If gaps remain, tap them together with a mallet. It's good practice to check periodically that your planks are parallel to the wall; earlier changes are easier.

4. Self Care

Hybrid flooring is both durable and long-lasting, but it requires some care in order to remain clean. Vacuuming, mopping, and sweeping can help you remove dirt from the surface of the floor; this type of flooring is also water-resistant; however, steam mops should be avoided. Hybrid floors are usually coated with an ultraviolet protection layer that works as a UV protectant that helps prevent fading under direct sunlight. In most cases, hybrid floors come with warranties that give you peace of mind when it comes to damage caused by temperature changes or other environmental factors.

Bottom Line

After mentioning all the steps to follow while hybrid flooring installation cost, you can say that hybrid floorings are the happy-medium between wood and tile. When it comes to durability, hybrids are certainly no slouch. With normal wear and tear, a properly installed floor will last a lifetime. You can check myrugs to find out the right hybrid flooring for your home.



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