Kim Kardashian Private Jet: Kim Air

July 19, 2022

Kim Kardashian is the ultimate influencer. She and her family are the most watched people of the past decade. In addition, what do we not know about the Kardashian family at this point? Kim has not only shown off her great looks, but also her expensive material items. She has great homes, cars, and much more. Also, she even has her own jet. Check out the Kim Kardashian private jet below.

Does Kim Kardashian Own A Private Jet?

Yes, Kim has an amazing jet that she actually purchased. The jet is a Gulfstream G650ER.

The jet has a cost of 71 million dollars and has a capacity of 19. The capacity for crew members is 4 people. The plane can travel up to 600 miles per hour. Also, the maximum travel range is 16 hours. One of Kim's favorite parts of the jet is the Cashmere everything. This includes cashmere pillows, ceilings, and headrests. She has said that she wants it to be a no-shoe plane and that she would offer guests custom SKIMS slippers. Also, the jet can bring her and her family/friends around the country. It is super nice for her and her business as well. She can attend meetings anywhere quickly without having to deal with fans and paparazzi. Finally, would you like to fly in Kim Kardashian's jet (Gulfstream G650ER)?


Jet Type: Gulfstream G650ER

Cost: $71 Million

Capacity: 19 People

Interior: Video monitors, Cashmere everything, multiple sleeping areas

Photos: Kim Kardashian Private Jet

Kim Kardashian Private Jet

Kim Kardashian Private Jet

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