Office Designing: Tips to Attract and Retain Your Employees

July 22, 2022

How does one retain talent in companies? Over time, corporations have come to the conclusion that human capital is the most important factor for their success.

Managers implement various strategies to retain employees: From promotions and benefits to flexible schedules. However, other subtle solutions, such as office refurbishment Kent, may work best.

This post will review how implementing good office design can attract employees and make the most of them, thus increasing profits.

How does Office Design Contribute to Retaining Talent?

First Impressions Matter

Whether one likes it or not, first impressions matter to candidates. Restyling and investing in a professional, comfortable office design will attract more potential candidates.

The office is the place where employees spend the most time, even up to eight hours a day. Your mission is to build and create appealing workplaces they can see themselves working in daily.

Productivity Boost

Studies suggest that a workplace that encourages sitting next to colleagues and collaborative working increases productivity by 15%. The most successful companies have already implemented this strategy.

Think of Google, for example, well-known for having the best offices in the world. They claim that life is more than work and promote creativity and cooperation.

Google also offers rest and recreation areas, networking opportunities, employee snacks, benefits, healthcare, and more. Not only does this model attract and retain talented workers, but it also boosts productivity and overall well-being in the company.

So yes, your office design and distribution matter more than one may think. Refurbishing the workplace and adding small recreation spaces can positively impact the workers.

Company Culture

Just as first impressions matter, how you distribute the workplace reflects your working culture.

Office designing is key to showing your values. These are some of the insights potential candidates may take away from the workplace distribution:

  • Whether you promote collaboration or individual working: Offices with isolated desks mean employees' autonomy matters in your company.
  • Whether relaxation periods are welcomed during work hours: Are there comfortable chairs, coffee and snack vending machines, and places to socialize?
  • Whether you promote creativity or not: Dull spaces won't attract creative and enthusiastic workers.

And these are only a few examples of what one can conclude after a first look at the office.

Flexibility and Choice

Employees don't want to feel stuck and trapped in an office - They want to have a choice. By creating various spaces where they can work, you allow them to move around and be flexible depending on each day's conditions.

Employees sometimes want to engage in conversations with their colleagues to find inspiration and share ideas. Other times, however, they prefer to work alone in the peace of a small room. People should be able to move around depending on their mood, inspiration levels, and tasks of the day.

A good office design provides autonomy without compromising productivity. A comfortable workspace doesn't mean you're building a playground for your employees but a safe space they want to head to every morning.

Office Refurbishment: Change How You Work

It may be time to take your company's workplace to the next level. We are office designing and refurbishment professionals in Kent - Contact us today to change the way your employees work.



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