Pros and Cons of Living in Arkansas

July 19, 2022

Did you know Arkansas is a complete package of odds and evens? With that in mind, you might be skeptical if Arkansas holds meaning in your life or not. If that is your concern. Fret not! We are here to guide you.

Pros of Arkansas

Despite all that you may have heard about Arkansas. We have mentioned some of the best qualities of this place. Hope they will resonate with your personality and needs.

Perk #1: Low cost of living and extremely low taxation.

Perk #2: Universities are well credited and acclaimed by international and national students as well as faculty members.

Perk #3: The weather is mostly nice and pleasant which allows experiencing outdoor activities.

Perk #4: It is indeed a smaller town with the vibes of a big, bustling city.

Perk #5: Best place for families as well as solo life.

Perk #6: Homes for sale in Northwest Arkansas are pretty much always available.

Perk #7: If you are into nature, activities like camping, hiking, fishing, and boating are waiting for your arrival!

Cons of Arkansas

Some facts we can’t deny about Arkansas are mentioned below.

Disadvantage #1: Sadly, some parts of Arkansas are high crime rates.

Disadvantage #2: Another disadvantage is associated with undergoing the pain of mosquito bites.

Disadvantage #3: Since locals are foodies, the obesity rate is much higher than in other cities in the US.

Conclusion: To Live in Arkansas or Not – That is the Question!

You have all the perks and cons of living in Arkansas. It is totally your call to start living in this city or not. However, if you want to take our suggestion. We would suggest you stay there for a couple of days if not weeks. That will give an idea about the personality of this place. Then only you will be able to decide for the best!




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