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July 26, 2022


Selling real estate has always had its challenges even before the pandemic crisis. Therefore, even now, with the "thaw", they will not go anywhere. Seasonality - in the real estate sales business, there are pronounced peaks in the increase in the number of transactions and a lull. Long sales cycle - high competition in the market, as a result - the high cost of a lead. Over the past two years, records for the number and speed of change have been broken. The sudden transition to online in almost all industries has forced developers to adapt to remote sales, pumping new methods of presenting residential complexes. So what marketing strategy should developers follow in 2022? This is exactly what we will talk about in this article

What marketing strategy should developers follow?

Any advertising campaign must be launched, taking into account the characteristics of the niche. Therefore, let's look at the general distinguishing features of promoting the primary real estate sector and setting up specific advertising tools.

Run ads when the sales office is ready for it. It happens that the developer starts advertising even before the internal processes are built. An interested person applies to the office, but there is still nothing intelligible to report. Client lost interest. That is why preparation for the launch of advertising needs to be carried out in advance.

Pay attention to the buyer not only on the cost. When making such a large purchase, a person will seek the maximum benefit: a lower price, developed infrastructure, good sound insulation, and much more. Therefore, if we focus only on the price, then there is a possibility that the potential buyer will not even know about all the advantages of the new residential complex.

A long transaction cycle also affects the promotion strategy. It must be understood that all the time before buying a home, a person will search, compare, think, choose. It is important to interact with a future client as often as possible: tell him about the benefits, close pains and fears, and work out objections.

Omnichannel marketing in real estate

Through targeted advertising on several channels, omnichannel marketing aims to strengthen your brand and generate leads. Before accessing your website or contacting you, buyers and sellers in real estate will often have many "touch points" with your brand.

Implement omnichannel pricing, offers, and promotions to increase conversions and profitability. Regardless of the methods they use to communicate with the builder, today's clients demand a seamless experience. The customer journey can start online and end in the office, or vice versa. You can create a consistent customer experience with outstanding performance and reliability, AI-based personalisation, and of course, speed and improve lead-to-customer transition with an omnichannel pricing engine.

Promotion in social networks for developers

SMM promotion cannot be discounted. Users will visit a community or group on a social network more often than a website. Moreover, you can subscribe to the account of the residential complex and find out the main news there, and the site must be opened every time through a search engine.

It is social networks that help to become closer to the client. A person perceives such communication less formally, which means that more trust arises. The built SMM strategy increases the number of sales, so these are main SMM trends in 2022 in real estate:

- More live contentmake reviews of apartments, shoot internal videos, but with the return to offline, you should not abandon this channel of communication with the buyer.

- Full immersion. Back in 2020, online tours appeared, and the percentage of publications with videos increased. Each post becomes a small presentation of the project.

- Developers are moving away from the number of leads and look at their quality. Marketers take feedback from sales departments, pay attention to end-to-end analytics.

- Developers are trying new points of communication for those clients who are afraid of spam. Therefore, communication scripts in instant messengers have become popular. They save time and allow you to quickly answer popular questions.

- Sites pay even more attention to layouts. They reveal their advantages, show layouts in 3D, add a view from the windows and offer to evaluate different options for arranging furniture.

- Developers are testing new platforms: Instagram and TikTok. Vivid examples of storytelling have appeared in the content, when brands tell the stories of residents. Such content is always pleasant and interesting.


Developers experienced the current crisis quite acutely. But this is not a reason to completely stop funding advertising. Budgets must be reduced to those indicators that satisfy the economics of the business. Advertising at the same time will work as a tool to increase awareness. When the population has the opportunity to buy, they will first of all remember those developers that they have seen/heard of recently.


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