Schmittat The Most Professional Wedding Photographer In London

July 29, 2022

There are many good weddings photographer in London and Surrey. Couples usually struggle to find the one that would suit their style, personality and budget. There are those with years of experience and new ones coming up straight from the university. One of the very experienced photographers in London and Surrey is Moritz Schmittat. What makes his photography special is his documentary style, unobtrusive approach and creativity. Using his artistic eye he captures breathtaking images of love, weddings, and everyday life. He has been shooting weddings since 2010. What else do we know about him? Here, are a few fun things to know about him.

Experience and the newest technology matters

Weddings are special events that bring people together. The camera doesn’t lie: photographing a wedding is a truly magical experience. Moritz shoots 30-40 weddings per year. That brings lots of experience not only into the photography itself but also into the whole process starting from the enquiry, consultations with the couples, all the way to the wedding day and post production afterwards. His communication and understanding that each wedding and each couple is unique, takes the whole process into a whole new, different level.

In addition to that, he seems to invest in the newest technology; cameras, lenses, lights, you name it. One would think that great photographer just needs a good and creative eye to capture the moment but in reality good understanding of the best cameras as well as softwares for the post production is the key.

Although there are many situations where good weather and light are perfect for photography, at most weddings there is some weather interference or light pollution. The lighting at a wedding is often quite different from that of an ordinary day. It’s bright and direct, with specific light sources and angles creating an artistic, unique, and beautiful image. That’s why as a photographer, you do need to have additional equipment.

Favourite venue

Botleys Mansion is a beautiful wedding venue in Surrey. You can hire it exclusively for your wedding. The location of the venue is ideal for London and Surrey, with just half an hour dive from London. Every photographer would dream to shoot a wedding in such a stunning venue, with high ceilings, crystal chandeliers and specious grounds. For couples the venue offers impressive space, atmosphere, catering and bridal suite. Moritz has shot many weddings in this venue and has an extensive portfolio there. This is one of his favourite venue to photograph awedding.

Let your photos tell the story

Weddings are beautiful occasions. But, for many couples, the reception is just as important as the vows. At a wedding, you are probably surrounded by close friends and family, but the reception is where you are likely to meet your future spouse. If you want to create a wedding memory that will last a lifetime, consider adding some photos to the reception room. You can take photos of the guests, the decorations, the food, and even the wet T-shirt contest that breaks out after the wedding. The photos tell the story of the event and give your wedding a more lasting impression. And that’s what Moritz does, documents the wedding day just like that.


Apart from the photography, Moritz offers wedding videography. Often, he shoots and films at the same time. This is still a mystery to many other photographers and videographers how he does it. He perfectly does both as one package. But certainly it works well for him and the results are stunning. Some of the biggest advantages of having wedding photography and videography done by one supplier are: unbotrusivity, suppliers don’t walk into each others way, less hassle with arrangements, style consistency and at last but not least it is the most cost-effective options as opposed to having two suppliers.

Final Words

Wedding Photography is an individual art form that requires an artistic eye, creative direction, detailed knowledge of light, and a lot of patience. But when done well, it's a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to celebrate two people's love. The Wedding Photography industry is highly competitive. It is often very hard to get work as a wedding photographer. So, when you hire the best wedding photographer in London, you are choosing between excellent service and expensive options. The team at Schmittat photography provides different services price wise. The price can vary from £500 to over £2000. So, whatever your budget is get in touch with them.


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