Six Tips for Protecting a Wall Mounting Enclosure

July 20, 2022


All wall mounts have a design that enables them to lift and store heavy items for a long time. These wall mounts, like the trusted and reliable Chint Wall Mounting Enclosure, are often found in different rooms. These could be server rooms, kitchens, commercial spaces, and public areas/common rooms.

Most of these models have IP20 security levels, useful and trustworthy for most commercial uses. There are all-weather cabinets that can handle any extreme weather. People install these mount enclosures in the public area.

Types of mount wall enclosures to buy:

The wall-mount enclosures depend on factors like:

  • Your usage or the storage need,
  • The heaviness of the metal or other pieces,
  • Empty wall size,
  • The room space needed for opening the enclosures,
  • Protection layers for protecting the material stored.

Then there are mounts with:


These carry a maximum load of 50-60 kgs. A rack of this class ranges from 250-281 mm.


The depth of this class rack is from 300 to 500 mm. The weight holding capacity is more or less the same as in 6U.

12U & 15U:

These racks are similar, with a 50-60 kg holding capacity and depth of 300-400 mm.


These enclosures are the largest amongst all classes described in the list. These take a load of 60 kg and slightly more. They have 220-420 mm depth.

Tips for maintaining these wall-mount enclosures properly:

Decide hardware needs

First, know which hardware and accouterments you will store in the enclosure. Evaluate if the enclosure fits those types of materials in your server room.

Find the height, width, depth, and other necessary measurements before storing your hardware items in it. You must leave some space in the enclosure or the cabinet. Do not fill it with materials till the very end/tip.

The maintenance tip is useful because there should be a certain space in the enclosure for the right airflow to pass.

Decide the depth you want

For better storing, protecting, and maintenance of your materials, first measure their length. Add at least 3-4 inches more for cabling and other access pieces that the enclosure will protect.

This will help store and protect your hardware and other heavy materials without a hassle.

Ensure the load is not more than the holding capacity

The weight of your material alone doesn’t matter. Whatever items you want to store, these should exceed the total holding capacity of the rack or the wall-mount cabinet. Otherwise, it might depreciate fast and end up falling from the wall.

Ensure that wall studs are secure and reliable

You must avoid using local studs when mounting the enclosure on the wall. Instead, verify if the studs are of steel and have a warranty to hold heavy racks without disruptions. You can consult nearby engineers and technicians to learn more about these studs.

There will be plenty of them available in the offline and online stores. Choose wisely according to the cabinets you want to hang on the wall. There are special steel buds for wall-mounted furniture.

Get the information about these online or from manufacturers of the wall mounts while purchasing.

Choose frames for your cabinets

You can get enclosed or open-frame cabinets from the market. Open-framed cabinets are not that secure. These wall-mounts work the best for cozy, small, and private spaces. You can place small items that do not break easily, even if they fall down occasionally.

You can store your cables, books, nuts & bolts, and other containers on open-framed mounts for easy access.

Enclosed cabinets have tighter security and airflow. These are suitable indoors and have a more protective nature of storing and withholding your electronic and other belongings.

Enclosed cabinets have a safe and secure lock system. Use them appropriately to protect the content placed inside.

Solve the ventilation issue

One wall of the enclosure cabinet is the fastener, helping the rack mount on the wall. This means the air ventilation decreases to a certain level. This could be dangerous for hardware or chemicals stored inside the cabinet if the airflow stops in the middle.

For safety, you must leave the space or room in the cabinet for the storage items to get the right air in between. Plus, you should know how to cool down the apparatus if it gets hot inside after a long storage period in the enclosed cabinet.


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