The Best Garage Maintenance Tips to Keep Yours in Shape

July 12, 2022

Although their official function is as a place to keep your car and other vehicles, garages are frequently used for more than that. Most family garages end up being more like general storage spaces with a car in the middle.

Given the fact that it is used most days at some point, it is vital to properly maintain your garage. If not, it can fall prey to common issues like a door that won’t open properly.

That can be repaired but it will take up valuable time and possibly money. It will be simpler in the long run to just maintain the garage well so you can benefit fully from it.

Assessing the Current State of Your Garage

When examining the existing state of your garage there are three main things that you need to look at.

  • The door
  • The floor
  • The walls


The most commonplace issue with garage doors is that they are slow to open or will not open at all. This could be caused by rust or it could simply be an issue with the mechanism.


A garage floor is most typically made of concrete. Therefore the primary maintenance issue to be on the look out for is cracks, as these will cause water to leak into it.


The walls of the garage should be looked at closely. What you are checking for is signs of mold, corrosion, leaks or anything else that indicates deterioration.

Maintenance Tips for Each Part of the Garage

The Walls

The first tip for keeping your garage walls in good shape is to invest in a prefabricated metal one. The parts that make up these garages tend to come in a coating of Galvalune Plus that actively works to prevent corrosion damage.

For non-metal garages, you can manage to stop rot and other problems setting in through a number of measures. Painting, dry-walling and insulation will all help to avoid leaks and other forms of deterioration.

Then adding items like shelving and lighting to the garage walls will further improve it as a space to use.

The Floor

If you find cracks in the floor of your garage, filling those in with some form of sealant will be the most importance immediate maintenance job. The last thing you want is water getting in, as that will affect your car and anything else kept there.

Alternatively a good garage maintenance measure would be to cover the floor with vinyl, interlocked or rubber tiles. That will help to ensure cracks do not appear again in the future.

The Door

The door of the garage should be kept clean and free of rust. The next step is to prevent the door from slowing down or jamming completely.

To do that, make sure that all of its hinges, springs and rollers are kept well oiled. If there is still a problem, it could be that the rubber seal has worn down and needs replacing or that the sensors are not working.

If it is the last of these, you may need to bring in a professional.

Home Garage Benefits

  • Keeping your car safe

You may not live in crime central, but your car can still be damaged by ice and rain if it is left outside.

  • Another place to store things

Families build up a lot of clutter, so another place to store it is a real garage plus. It will help to keep your home tidier and cleaner.

  • More than one use

If you decide to have a larger garage, it can double up as a workshop, an office for work or just a place to be on your own for a while.

There are many benefits to a garage and, as long as you maintain it properly, you will never regret the decision.


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