The Homeowner’s Guide to How Often You Should Replace Household Goods

July 26, 2022

As everything from gas prices to a daily cup of coffee increases, many consumers are trying to spend less and save more. However, there are some expenses one simply cannot avoid, so learning how to prioritize your purchases and add to their shelf life is a budgeting must.

For example, the cost of household goods can add up, especially if you’re replacing items without cause or purchasing low-quality products prone to malfunction. Ultimately, each item will have varying lifespans, so understanding how often you should swap out the old and bring in the new is critical.


Traditional mattresses should last six to eight years, while higher-quality memory foam mattresses like those from Essentia ( can last up to ten.

Though an older, less expensive mattress may seem like a steal in the moment, you’ll be kicking yourself once you wake with aches and pains from a stiff, unreliable mattress. Keeping a mattress too long can impact your sleep and back, so be sure to check your mattress around the six year mark for signs of wear and tear.

Bed sheets

At the least, you should wash your sheets every couple of weeks to keep bacteria and smells to a minimum. Though you can prolong the life of your bed sheets by having a few rotating pairs, most people swap out bedding every couple of years to ensure maximum comfort. Once you notice fading colors and fraying hems, it may be time to consider a new set.

Bed pillows

Though you may have a favorite pillow that has followed you from childhood, a good rule of thumb for replacing them is every one and a half to two years. Unfortunately, most pillows fall flat after a few months, though you can restore some of their cloud-like bliss with consistent fluffs.

Smoke detectors

Your safety depends on working smoke detectors, so make sure you stay on top of your devices. Experts recommend testing them every six months to ensure your protection in an emergency. In addition to consistent checkups, change the batteries once per year and replace the entire device once you hit the ten-year mark.

Wiring and electrical system

Though you may need to perform occasional maintenance, your home’s electrical system should last for decades. Just make sure you keep on track of any system updates that may pop up.

Water heaters

Water heaters are often forgotten appliances—though once they begin acting up, it’s hard to ignore frigid water temperatures. Most last about ten years, but keep an eye out for signs of rust, clucking noises, and pilot light malfunctions to avoid an early water heater retirement.

HVAC systems

Your heating, cooling, and ventilation system should last between ten to twenty years. Experts recommend inspecting these costly appliances yearly to avoid expensive replacement costs.

Kitchen appliances

Although it may be tempting to hold onto your decades-old microwave or inconsistent convection oven, keeping inefficient appliances can cost you big time. The newest appliances are the most energy efficient, lowering your energy bills significantly.

You can save money by taking care of your kitchen appliances, but when they start to fail, replacing them is better than the energy wasted running them.

Kitchen sponges

If there is anything to replace regularly, it should be the kitchen sponge. Sponges attract bacteria and other microbes that can cause illnesses, so replace them every few weeks at a minimum to avoid contamination.

Wrap up

The amount of time you keep certain household items can affect your health and well-being. So make sure you know about the lifespan of your items and when to replace them.



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