The Saturn Light: Customizable Light

July 14, 2022

The Saturn Light Review

Full Circle Gear is a new company that not only designs but also manufactures outdoor lights. The company was formed in 2019 and is led in partnership with Brandknew, Inc. They are also backed by Contemporary Lights and Staging, CLS, and private investors. CLS has been successful since its inception in 2004. Their main focus is working with the Arts and Entertaining world. While BrandKnew, Inc was founded in 2018. They are a company led by industry veterans with over 25 years of not only product development but also business management experience. Together, Full Circle Gear is aiming to create products in areas that consist of voice recognition interfaces, custom hand tools with embedded AR to support service, and also consumer-centered products. Check out their newest product, the Saturn Light below. 

Full Circle Gear

Full Circle Gear just recently launched their newest product, the Saturn Light. The Saturn Light is an outdoor lighting fixture. It’s perfect for the deck, the patio, or really any outdoor space. This incredible lamp may also be used inside, however, the one-of-a-kind features involved make it perfect for the outdoors. The Saturn Light is not only weatherproof but also features a full RGB color range of 16 million different colors. It also has a cool white color, and warm white color. Perfect for any type of vibe you are looking to set. All you have to do to get your ideal ambiance color and spin the upper ring, 360° until you reach your perfect color tone. The lamp itself is a tall, standing lamp. It is currently available in a sleek, silver moon color. In fact, that lamp has been popular since its release, and it will soon be available in a copper color as well. 

Battery Bonus

The great thing about the Saturn Light is that it is wireless. This is incredibly convenient when wanting to use it outside, or really in any space, without having to be tied down to the nearest outlet. Or plugged in, sort to speak. The Saturn Light comes with a rechargeable, 12V 4AH Lithium Battery. You may also buy a 2-pack battery separately as well. While the battery is plugged in and charging, you are able to track the charging process. Most batteries in products showcase red or green lights, to show you if it is dead, and then when it is fully charged. The Saturn Light’s battery has not one or two lights but in fact four lights. One for each level. The red light appears above the 0% dot, to show that it is in fact dead. There are also three other markers as well. A 30%, a 70%, and then a 100%. Once the green light appears above each marker, you are able to determine exactly how long you have left until the green light appears above the 100% marker.

Plug It In

This is super helpful for people. Sometimes when a product is plugged in and charged it will immediately turn green throughout the whole charging process. It isn’t until we take our chances and unplug to use it, that after an hour or so it dies again. With this great feature, you know exactly when you are at full charge. Of course, if you don’t have the time to wait for the 100% green light charge, you may also choose to plug in the Saturn Light and use it for as long as you’d like while waiting for the battery to charge. This way, you can use the Saturn Light all day, every day if you want to. Honestly, why wouldn't you? Once fully charged, the battery will last straight through about 10-12 hours. That’s longer than my smartphone!

Use The Saturn Light Remote or Your Smartphone

Speaking of smartphones, you are able to use your phone to control the LED color and the rotation of the light. No more having to manually turn it on or off, and then back away to see how it looks. With the use of your phone, you can sit back, relax, and set the vibe you want. However, you also have the option of a remote. The Saturn Light comes with its own remote control. The remote control comes with an on/off switch, of course. It also comes with six different rotation control buttons, as well as twelve different color tone option buttons. This makes choosing the color tone very easy and accessible.

Never Lose Your Remote Again

However, if you’re anything like me, you might not be interested in a remote control, for fear of losing it. You might be the kind of person that has a junk drawer full of old remotes, chargers, and cables, all looking the same, with no idea where they belong. If this sounds familiar, have no fear, Full Circle Gear has your back. They have a small pouch on the light pole that is made specifically for housing your remote control. It’s genius really, no more setting the remote down after you’ve walked away, only to lose your mind trying to find it the next day when you want to turn it on again. There’s one less item going in your junk drawer.

Great Packing and Easy To Handle Manual

Full Circle Gear will send you the Saturn Light right to your house, in a package with everything that you need to be included. It comes with an easy-to-read manual, that will ensure that you will be able to assemble the product not only easily but in a timely manner. And not only can you also purchase an extra battery from their website, but you can also use more than one battery at a time. The Saturn Light lets you use up to three batteries at once, which gives you over thirty hours of battery life! You are also able to purchase an extra shade as well. Or better yet, you can attach any large-sized shade of your choosing. With over 16 million color tones to choose from, and also the option of customizing your lamp shade, the Saturn Light is really the most unique, personalized LED light out there. 

Investing in the Future of Technology With The Saturn Light

Another reason to check out the Saturn Light right now is the incredible investment opportunity they are setting. Full Circle Gear is working to raise capital on Wefunder for future LED products, using the Saturn Light technology platform. You can not only purchase and enjoy the Saturn Light but also become an investor for as low as $100.00. It’s a great way to be a part of the technological future, all while sitting back in your home and enjoying this magnificent lamp. So what are you waiting for? Purchase your Saturn Light now, and enjoy all it has to offer! Check out other articles on our front page.

The Saturn Light The Saturn Light The Saturn Light The Saturn Light

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