The Simplest Plumbing Maintenance Tips for Restaurants

July 6, 2022

Leaking taps, overflowing sinks, stinking washrooms, and the presence of insects and moths are some common issues that can harm the efficiency of a restaurant and dissuade customers from coming back. Of the 97% US adults who visit restaurants, 86% believe that restaurant hygiene is very important for their dining experience. And 88% of the restaurant-goers agree that restroom cleanliness reflects the hygiene standards in other areas like kitchen and food prep areas.

While most restaurant owners focus on the ambience and cuisine, they tend to overlook plumbing and the importance of proper installation, regular inspections, and professional maintenance. So, here is a maintenance checklist and some important tips for keeping your restaurant clean and healthy.

Drain Maintenance

Regular cleaning of all pipes and drains that form part of your restaurant or bar is a must. Deposition of grease and oil for a long time can reduce the life of pipes besides the building up of sludge. Similarly, leftover food, plastic items like straws, paper napkins, and cocktail garnishes can also clog the drains. This may lead to the backflow of water into the kitchen, and other areas making them messy, smelly and even inoperable. Also, the cleaning of clogged drains can prove to be quite costly.

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Such situations can, however, be avoided by going for plumbing maintenance contracts. The plumbing maintenance company will use high-pressure water cleaning pumps for the curvy pipes to eliminate the possibility of the accumulation of sludge. Some sink pipes can be cleaned by suction while others may require the use of hydro jetting techniques.

Another reason to clean the drains regularly is to prevent the presence of insects that breed on dirt and grime. When you go for commercial plumbing maintenance services you can be assured of adequate measures like the use of microbial and other solutions for cleaning the drains and pipes. Apart from this, you can ask your maintenance personnel to regularly screen drains for any kind of deposits and insects.

Installation of Strains and Grease Traps

The build-up of grease, oils, or fatty substances that are dumped down the restaurant kitchen sinks can build up in pipes and cause overflow or backflow of water. It can even lead to the rotting of kitchen pipes. Restaurants should install grease traps and collect the used oil and grease for proper disposal.

The installation of strains in all sinks will also help ensure that leftover food particles do not find their way to the pipes and drain. Your plumbing experts will recommend the appropriate size and quality of grease traps for the prevention of fat and oil moving down the pipes and into the drain to form sludge. But merely installing the strains and traps is not enough. They require regular cleaning too.

Washroom Plumbing is a Must

Washrooms form an essential part of your restaurant and any kind of laxity in maintaining them can hurt the customer traffic. Regular plumbing maintenance of the washrooms, especially the water flow in the flush and sinks. Other areas that require regular attention are the condition of the taps, faucets, and the cleaning of sinks to ensure there is no collection of water. Inadequate maintenance and any kind of delay in the repair of broken faucets or flushes will not only result in massive water bills and high repair costs but also spoil the reputation of your restaurant or bar. Regular checks of the plumbing for leaks should be standard practice, and when observed, unnecessary water flows should be immediately turned off.

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Sewer Pipelines

A common problem is the backflow of water when the sewer lines get blocked due to excessive rains. This is not only unhygienic but also bad for the health of employees as well as anyone present n the restaurant. To avoid such a scenario, go for regular cleaning of the sewer pipes where the water from your unit flows. Expert plumbing service providers include a wide range of services like drainage cleaning, backflow prevention, sewer line cleaning, and repairing of faucets and taps in their maintenance contracts.

Proper plumbing installation and their regular maintenance and cleaning is a must for ensuring the smooth and efficient running of a restaurant.



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