These Multigeneration Homes Functional Designs Sell Fast

July 13, 2022



COVID-19 has changed much of our lives, and one of those changes is that it’s common for generations of family living under one roof. Older relatives are now living with younger generations so they are receiving proper care and companionship. Younger generations are living with older family members to help them save money so they can one day buy a home of their own.

It isn’t unusual for today’s house hunters to desire a home that features design elements with multigenerational living in mind. As such, it’s understandable that the listing price for a multigenerational home might be higher than your average abode.

Let’s take a look at some of the functional designs that increases a home's value while appealing to multigenerational households.

More accessible bathrooms

A poorly designed bathroom can (sometimes) make or break a deal. Even if your bathroom is just okay, accessible bathrooms are at the top of the must-have list. Features like grab-bars near bathtubs, lower toilets, and lots of vanity space are popular among multigenerational. Added touches like heated floors, open shelving, and walk-in showers are also appealing to buyers with older family members.

Mobility-minded kitchen features

One of the most important rooms in the house (other than the bathroom) is the kitchen. It’s the one space where everyone can congregate and connect, so why not make it usable for everyone? If you have shorter family members or people who have mobility issues, motorized cabinets and countertops might be a worthwhile upgrade. You can also create a communication hub, be it a whiteboard, a chalkboard, or a high-tech smart refrigerator) where important household notes can be stored.

Safer doorways and stairs

Every multigenerational home can benefit from wider doorways (40-inches and up) because wheelchairs can pass through easily. For multi-level homes, the stairs can be a serious cause of concern. You can make these safer by painting the banister a different color than the wall color to make it easier to see. You can put LED strip lights under each step so no one will miss a step.

Create space for peace and quiet

Every now and again, we need a place to unwind away from the rest of the house that isn’t the bedroom. Things like a reading nook or a den are nice additions if you have the space. If you don’t, you can partition off an area of larger living space with either thick drapes, a pocket door, or a dividing screen.

Add an additional dwelling unit (ADU)

Families are keenly interested in additional dwelling units (ADU) because they can give people a sense of independence and privacy while sharing the same address. These units typically feature a bathroom, kitchen, and bedroom/living area and come in the form of a studio shed. Sometimes you’ll find homes with an in-law suite which is just a bedroom, and a private bathroom located at one end of the home. Sometimes people will turn a basement or a garage into an ADU.

Multigenerational homes are in demand

Nearly 60 million American households are multigenerational, partially due to economic strains, concerns for care, or the wellbeing of a loved one. Families who are in the market for multigenerational homes are interested in properties that already have functional features that will make the home perfect for everyone in the family, young and old. If you have the means to make any home improvements before selling your house, consider adding some of these in-demand features.


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