Things You Should Care About in Real Estate CRM

July 27, 2022

Small real estate agents or agencies usually don't have the convenience of services of a business secretary. It becomes mind-boggling and nerve-wracking for them to manage several affluent clients.

Each of these clients has unique needs and wishes to have a personalized service. No wonder, property managers, and developers are increasingly using a CRM solution for their real estate business.

What is CRM for Real Estate?

CRM stands for customer relationship management. As the name suggests, a CRM refers to a system that manages your organization’s interactions and relationships with customers and leads.

Companies use this technology to improve their business relationships. It helps them communicate better with clients, enhance profitability and streamline operations.

Now come to CRM software for real estate. It is a full-fledged tool to manage real estate businesses in the twenty-first century. But like any technology, all real estate CRM solutions aren’t the same.

There are some things you should consider before investing in CRM software for your property management business. Without wasting any more time, let's see what you should look for in a real estate CRM.

What to Consider Before You Start Using a Real Estate CRM?

We understand that considering different CRM software against each other can be challenging. As a real estate agent, you don't want highly sophisticated software that might need a team of experts to handle.

But on the other hand, you also don't want a very basic CRM. Firstly, you must know what exactly are your requirements. If you are unsure about them, then this article can help you. Here are our pearls of wisdom when it comes to finding a CRM solution that can cut you some slack.

A CRM as a Centralized Platform

See if the CRM you are considering can act as a comprehensive network. It should be able to store all critical and relevant data that can be easily and readily viewed by all team members. Property managers and realtors have to regularly monitor various aspects of their businesses.

Therefore, look for software for real estate that allows you to easily produce customized reports and have built-in accounting tools so that you can monitor all financial information.

There are few CRMs that help users to make better decisions supported by data, thanks to their automation and digitization features. Some useful automation involves document expiry, tenancy renewal reminders, and payment reminders.

An extraordinary software for real estate even allows you to schedule reminders as well as tasks with automated reminders. It makes sure you forget no task. With its marketing tools, users can make flyers and brochures to create listings for vacant properties. It also gives the facility of integration with all top property listing portals.

Lead Segmentation Can Rescue You

Hundreds of leads may contact you each month or week. But all those inquiries couldn’t be your priorities. Here lead categorization comes into the scene. Your management software should categorize your leads according to certain parameters in your lead form.

Those parameters can be the price range, area, how early they want to sell/buy, pre-approval status, and more.

Then you can segment them according to who you think will convert quickly. Stored in one place, this data set will offer you a quick overview of each interested client.

Also, some CRMs scrape and record all data of your leads automatically. It saves you hours of information entry.

No Headache of Manual Payment Plan

Payment tracking and creating invoices can intimidate anyone working in the property industry. Along with shooting payment reminders to customers, a dynamic CRM tool produces and monitors payments smoothly at every step of the process.

That CRM works as a pair of eyes that tracks payment plans in real-time and saves you hours and resources. A bare-bones kind of software may ask you to create payment plans manually for all transactions.

You need a simple system that allows you to create your plan just once. And then you only have to choose payment when a new transaction occurs. The system should produce invoices and receipts according to the initial payment plan needs.

Seamless Integration with Third-party Software

Your property brokerage firm would definitely be using a lot of software solutions already. So, an ideal CRM software for real estate should be able to seamlessly integrate with any tools and technologies you use via an open enterprise-level API.

Your CRM should work with your current periphery tool easily. It should enable sharing of information between both the software consistently without disrupting the performance of the operations.

Great real estate software for brokers can be integrated with accounting software, HR software, ERP software, property portals, Ejari, and more.

Mobile Functionality is Essential

Most real estate agents, developers, and property managers have to travel constantly. And, they can’t roam around carrying their laptop all the time. It's quite inconvenient.

Suppose a client contacts you but you couldn't respond as you are away from your office. Or you were showing the property and you needed to take notes. And even if you connect with a lead even when you are outside the office, how will you gather their data?

It's simple. You have to keep your clients happy even when you are on the move. How? Well, an app for your CRM can solve that issue. A CRM with a mobile application allows you to record your engagements from anywhere at any time.

In this way, you can perform business functions even with your tablet or iPad. Your business is ‘working’ 24 hours that will show clients and leads that you care about them.

Bottom Line

Real estate CRM can be a fresh breeze for your exhausting and hectic schedule as a real estate agent. Goyzer offers such CRM solutions for developers, brokers, and property managers.

After working closely with industry leaders and carrying out in-depth market research, we have developed our real estate CRM software solutions. That is why our products help you gain outstanding results and maximum revenue.

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