Tips for Designing a Teenager’s Bedroom

July 14, 2022

If you have a child in the house who has just become a teenager, or your teen has decided they’re sick to death of the current style of their bedroom, it pays to do a complete refresh of the space.

This designing isn’t as easy as it was when your young one was little, though, as they’re going to have much more definite ideas about what they do and don’t love. Consider the following tips to help the project flow more smoothly.

Get Your Teen’s Input

Start by talking to your teenager about what they particularly do and don’t want in their bedroom and the style, look, and feel they’re after. They might have ideas on the color palette they prefer and if they want to theme the room in some way, such as designing it around their favorite TV show or movie, their preferred sport, or some other interest or passion, such as animals or France.

The more you can try to incorporate their ideas and cover their major requests, the more they should appreciate the end result and the fewer issues you should have along the way. Once you know what will make them happy, you’ll be able to make quicker and better decisions for each step in the designing and decorating process.

Set a Budget

To help stop your teen from thinking they can have their room designed with absolutely anything they like, though, it’s best to set a total budget for the bedroom makeover. Tell them how much of the budget needs to go to paying contractors and for other things like shipping and rubbish disposal versus how much there is to spend on materials, fittings and fixtures, accessories, and other pieces. This will help them be more realistic and learn about what things cost.

You might like to give them a budget for specific things, such as a new quilt cover, art pieces for the walls, desk, lamp, dressing table, or upgraded closet. You can have discussions, too, about how spending more in one area will limit what can be spent in others, so they also start to understand these types of financial compromises.

Update the Beds

If your child has had the same single bed for years or perhaps even has been using a crib that converted to a bed, it’s likely high time to update this piece of furniture. Consider how often your child has friends over or the size of the room and what needs to go in it before you pick out a new bed base and mattress. For instance, if your teenager is likely to have friends stay regularly, you may want to get them a stacked bedframe to support two quality bunk bed mattress products or use a standard bed that fits a trundle underneath.

Alternatively, you could buy a high bed that’s set up with a desk underneath. This solution is excellent for rooms with limited space where you can’t fit in both a separate bed and desk. If the room is vast, though, you might want to upgrade your child’s bed to a double or queen size one rather than a single, so they can stretch out.

Ensure There’s Adequate Storage Space

We all need a decent storage area, but teenagers, in particular, tend to have a tremendous amount of stuff that needs organizing. You’ll reduce your stress about cluttered, messy teen bedrooms if you give your child enough storage options to stash all their stuff out of sight – even if you perhaps have to remind them to tidy up!

It’s helpful if the room has a built-in closet to house your child’s clothing, shoes, and related items, but if not, it’s worth putting in a large freestanding wardrobe for them to use. A chest of drawers, bedside tables, decent-sized bookshelves, desk, laundry hamper, and wire or plastic baskets can all prove useful. You may want to add some shelves on the wall or above doorways, under window seats, and the like to take advantage of otherwise unused areas.

Other bedroom tips include adding extra power sockets and cabling features so your child can plug in and use all their gadgets effectively and providing plenty of areas for display as teens often want to put up photos, awards, cards, to-do lists, etc., in their room. When buying new furniture pieces, it pays to select goods that will be solid and timeless enough that your child can take them to college or their own home with them, too, to get more value for your investment. A desk with a computer on it

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You might want to add soundproofing if your kid plays an instrument and consider lighting. Teens need layers of light to suit different activities, such as studying, reading, chatting with friends, resting, and so on.

You must keep numerous factors in mind as you and your teen plan and design their bedroom space. It pays to create checklists for yourself, read lots of blogs and design magazines for inspiration, and keep talking to your child along the way to ensure they’re happy enough with your choices.


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