Travel Full-Time as a Nomadic Student: 5 Essentials to Look For

July 14, 2022

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Being able to start full-time traveling is a dream come true for many travel enthusiasts. Doing so while keeping up with school obligations can be tricky. However, due to the available tech, studying while away from home and school is easier than ever. It does take some careful planning and good organizational skills but is certainly possible. In order to help you stay organized while full-time traveling as a student, here are five essential tools for nomadic students.


Traveling on a budget

For students, the most challenging aspect of full-time traveling is funding this exciting journey. However, you have some budget-friendly options, such as hostels. You may even find free backpacker accommodation. For example, there is the couchsurfing option, where you can find hosts who offer free accommodation for the purpose of meeting people of a different culture. That way, not only do you get a free stay, but you also have the opportunity to chat with locals and get immersed in their culture. If you can spare some time to work, another option is to apply for a volunteering program that offers free accommodation and possibly food, or a paid internship. If you opt for accommodation that you need to pay for, you can save up by going on camping adventures once in a while.


Tools for doing your schoolwork

Bringing a laptop with you on your journey is practically a must when you also plan on studying. Regardless of whether you have some online classes or you just need to prepare for exams, this tool is extremely useful. It would be wise to invest in a power bank, so that you can keep your gadgets, such as a laptop, mobile phone, and smartwatch charged while on the move. You should also consider different internet options so that you can stay connected. Furthermore, it’s advisable to bring an extra phone just in case something happens to your smartphone while abroad.


Essential resources for studying

Apart from your bringing your course books, you can find a range of helpful resources for studying online. You may find the information presented in an easily digestible format on YouTube. Also, there are certain websites where you can find study notes written by students. For example, you can check out GCEALevel notes, that are prepared by students themselves, and there is a wide range of subjects from a variety of departments, including economics, computing, and literature. All you need to do is earn Exchange Credits by uploading your own study material or pay for them. Then you can download the notes for the subjects you need, and you can use them anywhere. A major perk of these notes is that they were all pre-checked by the editorial team before they were posted on the website. Therefore, you are sure to get accurate and easy-to-understand information.


Tools to keep you organized

While being surrounded by an impeccable view or enjoying the nature around you in a foreign country, it’s easy to forget about obligations. Thus, you can use some apps or other tools to keep you organized. For example, you can use an app like myHomework Student Planner, which enables you to keep track of your classes, projects, and tests. It will alert you when you have a deadline approaching so that you don’t forget to do your assignments. In case you wish not to use too many apps on your phone so that your battery lasts longer, you can bring a traditional planner, highlighters, and sticky notes. Then, you can simply use Google Calendar to set up alerts for project deadlines.


Tools that can help you stay focused

Staying focused while studying in a new, exciting environment can be a challenge. Thus, you should devise a plan with strict hours that you dedicate to studying each day. You should also schedule regular breaks since no one can stay completely focused for hours without taking a short break. To help you stay on track with your studying and break time, you can use time-measuring apps, such as Clockify. There are also apps that are based on the Pomodoro technique, which implies studying for 25 or 50 minutes and taking 5 or 10-minute breaks. Such breaks are not too lengthy so as to keep you in your “study zone”, while still allowing you to rest for a bit and then get back to your study material refreshed and focused.


On a final note

All in all, traveling while pursuing your studies can be a fantastic and unforgettable experience. Although having to keep up with your school obligations certainly poses a challenge, with the right tools, it is more than manageable. You’ll need to find accommodation that you can afford and bring your electronic devices. Also, there are some useful resources and tools to keep you organized and focused that can be of great help. If you set your mind to it, you can both be a successful student and travel around the world.



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