Trollishly Tips To Learn From A Few TikTok Travel Brands

July 30, 2022

The majority of the travel business has seen difficult times during the previous two years. Trade has been weak across the board, from airlines to travel agencies to motels and tour providers, with little hope of improvement. However, as the world starts to get back to normal, more and more individuals are longing for vacations outside of their home cities, giving travel firms on TikTok a fantastic opportunity to expand their fan base.

Currently, TikTok Is The Right Choice

It is undeniable that travel firms have had great success on TikTok, attracting new viewers and boosting sales. There is no better platform if you want to connect with Gen Z and Millenials because over half of TikTok's viewership is under the age group of 34. Travel users can opt to buy TikTok views to build their exposure online. Although TikTok has offered up new opportunities, Instagram has proven itself as a reliable and well-liked social media network. It has been installed more than 2.6+ billion times globally, is accessible in more than 150+ countries, and has more than 1 billion monthly users. And that's astounding given that it only launched a little over five years ago.

In addition to having a large user base, TikTok users stay on the app longer than fans of any other network. A standard user of TikTok uses the application eight times daily and for 52 minutes daily. Additionally, with a typical TikTok video lasting about 30 seconds, many clips are being viewed daily. Despite everything, brands have an excellent opportunity to enter the short-form video market thanks to TikTok. Businesses may hop on and explore the content unless something sticks, thanks to its reactive algorithm and short turnover period for trends.

Travel-Related TikTok Brands Are Flourishing

TikTok, being such a visual platform, is ideally suited for inspiring and lovely travel-related content. Over 25+ billion people have viewed the hashtag #TikToktravel, whereas #wanderlust and #traveldiaries have had approximately 1.1 and 2.2 billion likes, respectively. It might be a challenging app to understand if you're fresh to the network. We, therefore, felt it would be helpful to provide you with some outstanding TikTok travel brand material samples from which you may draw inspiration.

TikTok Travel Brands That Consistently Produce Quality Videos

Hot Wire

This Expedia-owned travel website used TikTok to attract Gen Z users throughout the past year, and it was successful. A massive TikTok campaign they produced had over a billion views. How? They hired twenty seasoned creators and instructed them to create a clip for their fans. In that video, they have clearly explained why they have been prepared for a post-pandemic vacation and the ultimate destination. This gained considerable traction among the fanbase. For further increase of traction or reach, you can try using Trollishly and stay benenficial. They urged their fans to follow suit by promising a $50,000 vacation on a personal plane for the most excellent video. The company even selected Jason Derulo, a celebrity on TikTok with more than 47 million fans, to serve as a jury for the online competition.

Delta Airlines

The American airline made news when they launched their initial TikTok promotion early this year by challenging viewers to write about their memorable vacation utilizing the hashtag #FavoriteTripChallenge. It was an excellent method to enter the market, given that most travel-related trends and clips on TikTok are built upon video uploads or sharing existing footage. Due largely to TikTok's promotion of the ad on the Discover tab, the campaign received over 19.5+ million views during the first 36 hours. One best thing about this application is that it has incredibly user-friendly. So anybody could leverage TikTok to enhance their travel experience.

Tourism New Zealand

The New Zealand tourism agency sought to remain top-of-mind for their Australian market during the peak of the outbreak; whenever borders were sealed, nobody was traveling. However, Australians can now "travel" the nation without leaving the comfort of their homes, thanks to the debut of an online videogame tour of the country. TikTok played a significant role in the game's marketing campaign called Play NZ. To promote the game, Tourism NZ hired a well-known local influencer to create a "pick your character"-style clip that they then marketed as an in-feed advertisement. The video received millions of views and had a 3.7+ percent user engagement and a 2.6+ percent view-through rate. To enhance this further, you can use trollishly and increase the global engagement rate.


There are a lot of things that you could learn from the travel brands on TikTok. They help you know more about the places, accommodations, offers, etc. This is the most significant benefit that everybody could make use of. Likewise, it is going to be a more significant success in the future for sure. The scope for Travel brands on TikTok will never fade away. This is because the travel sector itself has been progressing in recent times.


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