Upgrade your space with these Smart Bathroom Design Ideas

July 6, 2022

Our day starts and ends in one very essential room of our house. From getting ready in the morning to relaxing in a warm bubble bath at the end of the day, our bathroom acts as a sanctuary from the outer world. We see innovations and inventive creations made every day to refine our lives and enrich our experiences with everything we consume. So, why should our bathroom remain untouched? Let’s talk about some smart bathroom design ideas that will elevate the glorious look of your personal sanctuary.

Pick a Smaller BathTub

There's no question that a tub can take up a lot of space in a small bathroom. The location for a modest soaking tub in an otherwise claustrophobic space is with a wall or a small compartmentalised corner of the bathroom. A terrific example would be a little bathroom that does everything well, from the vibrant, tribal-patterned flooring to the towel hangers that double as amusing art.

Set Your Curtain Up

Any bathroom will look more opulent and sophisticated with high-cloth shower curtains. Install an extra-tall curtain that is close to the ceiling to take advantage of this in a compact area. The room will appear longer and more elegant with the cloth cascading from the ceiling to the floor. This will certainly bring out a more refreshing look with smart bathroom design ideas.

Employ an expert for a built-in storage

Place some storage to make the most of the space above a wall-hung toilet. Build a cupboard into the wall if you don't want a cabinet or shelf unit sticking out over the toilet. The panel, which can be shaped like a spacious cabinet, extends up to the ceiling and hides the cistern that is located behind the toilet. The designers can be consulted to make the panelling below the toilet and sink into a decorative element by painting it all one bright colour.

You cannot afford to have a cluttered bathroom. If you don't have much room for storage in your bathroom, the little you do have should double as an accent element, like these slender natural wood shelves with strategically arranged accessories and necessities.

Follow the flow

It's better to work with the arrangement of a small bathroom's odd shape than to try to change it. For example, a slanted ceiling could make you unsure about how to arrange anything. Instead of seeing the layout as a constraint, consider it a benefit that aids in decision-making. To make everything else work around a shower, for instance, situate it in a bathroom beneath the highest point of the ceiling in the back of the space.

Magic of Mirrors

Utilise mirrors in your bathroom to provide the impression of more area. Mirrored tiles can be used to line the wall behind the sink. The reflective surfaces provide the impression that the room is bigger and lighter, and they also increase the effect of the geometric floor tiles. Make a statement in a small powder room with a mirror that plays around with loops and curves. An embroidered item seems joyful and feminine and helps soften the stark lines of the walls and vanity by avoiding an anticipated square silhouette. You will be amazed to see the difference made by smart bathroom accessories.

Go for a patterned floor

Small bathrooms look fantastic with patterns. See how the limited square footage may be used to your advantage by installing a floor with an odd design. Line your shower niche with the same patterned tile that is used on the floors for another décor trick that gives the bathroom interest. A chic geometric floor will enhance your bathroom. Do you want to use bathroom floor tiles on the walls as well? Choose one of the accent colours from the floor tiles to create a unified aesthetic, and choose plains rather than patterns.

Use House Plants To Add Texture And Life To The Room

In addition to its ability to promote zen, well-placed house plants form a classic design element in a bathroom, providing texture and character. Whether you like modest succulents or larger statement species, adding indoor plants will help your room have a more calming effect. So, bring some plants into your compact bathroom and channel your inner gardener. Plants create an organic focal point that energises the area and purifies the air. Choose extra-long hanging plants that will attract the eye upwards to open up a small area. It will accentuate the smart bathroom design you are aiming for.

Go high on tech with smart bathroom accessories

According to a real estate study, 77% of these young homebuyers want a house with "smart" advances. The majority of the cutting-edge technology available today is around smart home automation systems, which provide one-button control of blinds, security, thermostat, and lighting from a smartphone. Why should a room that you use every day remain untouched? Go for smart gadgets like soap dispensers, dryers, and air fresheners that can bring a sense of ease to your daily functioning. To browse and buy some of the best gadgets for your bathroom, visit Novatech’s website and be amazed.

Come alive with great lights

The appropriate lighting arrangements in a small bathroom can make the most of the available space and offer you the sufficient light you require for your regular bathroom practice. Recessed lighting from above illuminates the modern bathroom's black walls and backsplash, while contemporary sconces give job lighting over the vanity. If you're looking for bathroom improvement ideas, changing the lighting in your bathroom can significantly improve the space's ambiance.

Don’t be afraid to experiment and play around with thoughts you have had while planning your renovation. You'll be astounded by the significant difference simple, finishing touches can make when it comes to enhancing your bathroom. The addition of a chic toothbrush holder and a quirky caddy with an upscale appearance can significantly improve the ambiance of a space. Incorporate better and improvised ideas that can make your bathroom stand out and be the peaceful room you always wanted. Opt for the abovementioned smart bathroom design ideas to delight and indulge yourself in the luxurious bathroom experience.

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