What Are Deep Drilling Machines?

July 26, 2022

It is a machine tool used for cutting metals into very deep, precise holes. It can be used on virtually any type of metal. Manufacturers can optimize the deep hole drilling process using machines that drill deep holes by using special drill bits like BTAs and gundrills. To drill deep holes with accuracy, reliability, and efficiency, machines are designed with technological features.

Drilling machines suitable for deep holes of various sizes and capacities are needed for larger holes with size-to-depth ratios greater than 20:1. Machines designed specifically for deep hole drilling support tooling, the delivery of coolant, and feedback necessary to meet deep hole drilling goals. By speeding up the process, stabilizing tooling, removing chipped parts, and ensuring preventive tool breakage, these features optimize the process and prioritize comprehensive methods.

What Are The Different Types Of Drilling Machines

For drilling holes with a deep diameter, BTA drilling and gundrilling are the two most common tooling types. In order to use these tools, machines used to drill deep holes need to be designed and constructed in accordance with their requirements. Coolant changeover technology and tooling changeover processes are sometimes used together for BTA and gundrilling. Click here to find other tips for drilling deep holes in metal.

Gun Drill

There are a number of types of gun drills, but the most common one has a flute or groove in the shaft. By passing fluid or oil through the V-groove, the cutting oil or fluid gets to the edge of the cutting blade and carries the chips along with it. The most common diameter range for gun drilling is between 0.5 mm (about 0.020") and two inches. The drill will be straighter if a starting hole is provided or if a drill bushing is used.


There are four main parts of the BTA drill: the drill head, the drill tube, a fluid induction device, and the components associated with it. A drill head contains indexable inserts on the cutting edges and passages for cutting fluid to pass through.

Furthermore, the drill is equipped with guide pads that ensure that it stays straight by riding on the newly cut hole ID. Drill heads are mounted to drill tubes, which serve as both shafts for drills and conduits for coolant and chips returning to the drill.

Ejector, or Two Tube System

Another type of system is the ejector or two-tube system. Machines such as lathes and boring mills, as well as machining centers, can be used as a deep-hole machine without the need for a dedicated deep-hole machine. Cutting fluid is carried by two concentric tubes, which form the drill's shaft.

Through the inner and outer tubes, mechanical cutting fluid enters the part. The inner tube collects chips in the working area, transferring them to the outer tube. Unlike many ejector systems, ejectors have a venturi design that helps remove cutting fluid and chips from drills by creating a suction effect. Due to their ability to be installed on existing machines, ejector systems are relatively inexpensive to install.


By cutting around the solid core of material, trepanning p creates a hole rather than cutting out all the metal chips. As a result, solid cores are more valuable than chips for cutting costly alloys since they can be reused or recycled. It cuts less material per revolution, so it requires less torque but cuts more material than BTA/single tube systems. Larger holes are more often drilled using trepanning.

What Is Deep Hole Drilling?

Deep hole machining requires special tools. Supports and reamers are integrated into special tools' shanks, which are extended and have a high degree of precision. Additionally, they are combined with advanced geometrical features, special tool materials, efficient cooling, and chip management. In order to produce high-quality workpieces, penetration must be maximized. You can read more about drilling here.

When drilling metal, drilling and milling machines must be able to make it through the thick metal while still creating a deep and straight line, and do so without getting too hot or taking too long. Deep hold drilling machines are designed to do exactly this.

They keep the drill and the metal cool and they ensure the drill hole goes to the right depth and that the line of the drilled hole is straight so it will be useful when the drilling is complete. The machines are capable of exact calculation to drill at different depths and angles.

How Does It Work?

The deep hole drilling process is regarded by many as a mysterious one. Cutting metal is part of the process, as it is part of any manufacturing process, but it presents a variety of challenges. It is possible that there is cutting going on beneath the surface that is not visible to the eye. Experienced operators are able to notice subtle changes in sound that indicate processes that are going wrong. Load monitoring can help operators identify problems quickly.

The drilling, reaming, boring, broaching, honing, skiving, etc. of a hole is possible using a variety of tools. Aside from drilling and EDM, other processing methods include trepanning drilling and electrical discharge machining.

Tools should be chosen based on the material type, different sizes, and precision requirements. Aside from efficiency requirements, quantity of holes needed, and size ratios, different processing techniques use different techniques. It is a mechanical manufacturing term that refers to cylindrical holes which are deeper than ten times their diameter.


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