What are the Basics of Epoxy Tables?

July 11, 2022


Once you have your template, choose a layout slowly. Even if you believe you know precisely how you want it to be oriented, take a moment to experiment with various ideas by shifting your slabs, flipping your slabs, or adding additional pieces to see how it will turn out. You could astound yourself. There are a lot of different custom made epoxy tables available in the market if you are looking for one. Nevertheless, here are some of the basics of epoxy tables.


Epoxy produces an exothermic reaction when combined. Which only implies that it becomes warmer. Due of this reaction, each epoxy has a maximum pourable thickness. The epoxy will get hotter as more of it is added. Around 130 F is a comfortable temperature for liquid glass epoxy. Anything much hotter than that will crack, bubble, and change colour. Therefore, be sure to use the appropriate epoxy for your thickness. I use an IR temperature gun to check the pours. It's a good idea to keep an eye on the epoxy during that period because it will peak between 12 and 18 hours. A straightforward box fan might be of great assistance if you are concerned that your boiler could overheat.


Everyone enjoys seeing the Instagram videos of people pouring enormous buckets of epoxy into their mould and then letting it spray everywhere in a sea of what appears to be purple syrup. Sadly, you are also adding a significant amount of air in the form of bubbles. While the majority of the bubbles will spontaneously burst as it dries. Some of them won't pop. So there is no reason to include them further. Simply pour it in slowly. Even so, it makes a fun video.


Totally a question of personal preference! I adore basic black. I can get a really good, even black with liquid dyes. There is no limit to the number of colours you may choose from, so have fun and develop a colour scheme that suits your personal taste. If you want to experiment a little before going all-in with your costly resin, powdered colours mix well in water. It's a good idea to dip a transparent plastic cup into the pigment mixture before adding it to the epoxy bucket to test the colour. Compared to a transparent cup, resin appears very differently in a deep bucket. And the cup's thickness is significantly closer to that of your table.


Once you've determined how much epoxy you'll use, combine parts A and B in a bucket big enough to hold it all. The paint mixers made of plastic that attach to your power drill are my favourites. They combine smoothly and are simple to clean up. As you mix, scrape the edges and bottom with a long stick. As the paddle gets closer to the top, more bubbles will form. I advise mixing on low speed for at least four minutes.



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