What Makes A Great Garage Door Bug Screen?

July 18, 2022

What Makes A Great Garage Door Bug Screen?

Bug screens, especially garage door bug screens, are essential.  Especially in those hot summer months. You want to be able to keep the bugs out of your home while keeping the windows and doors open for the cool summer breeze to flow. Keeping your doors and windows shut while cranking the AC all day can be expensive. A lot of the time, your garage isn't just for your car. It also doubles as a workspace, in which case you really want to have a cool temperature. So you wish to leave the garage door open, without the annoyance of bugs creeping in. While we are all in agreeance that bug screens are a great invention, you might not realize just how important they are. Or the different types that are out there. Let’s take a look at what makes a great garage door bug screen. 

Different Types of Garage Door Bug Screens

There are two common types of garage door bug screens. The roll-up, and the removable. Both of these types attach to the sides of your garage and to the top of the door frame. The roll-up design comes with detachable straps. This makes it easy to simply roll up the top of the garage, allowing easy entry of your car. The removable design is also great for homes that have cold winter months. You won’t need a bug screen year-round, so there really isn’t a necessity for keeping it in place year 24-7. The removable screen is easy to remove and store away during the cold winter months.

Functional and Appealing Garage Door Bug Screens

You want to choose a bug screen that attaches to the outside of your garage door frame. This is so that it doesn’t interfere with the usual function of your garage door. They are usually applied with adhesive. Typically, there aren’t many tools needed for installation. Just the adhesive strip that’s included. A good bug screen will come in a tear-resistant fiberglass mesh material. If you opt for a higher-end bug screen, you can choose to get a denser mesh material. The denser material is of higher quality and is weather resistant. So if you live in a windy, or rainy climate, you may want to opt for the high quality. The appearance of the bug screen may not seem important unless you are looking at a garage door bug screen. This is the focal point of the home. Most come in either black or white. Classic and timeless.

Magnetic Bug Screens

You can opt for a roll-up screen or a removable screen. However, there are also some screens that offer a magnet or zipper option too. There are types of bug screens that come apart in the middle. This way you can walk freely into the garage, without having to pick up the bottom and crawl under. Or have to roll it all up just to walk under. The option to use a magnet screen allows you to easily walk in, while the magnet pulls the two sides right back together as soon as you pass. It allows free access while ensuring that those pesky bugs won’t piggyback behind you. 

Zipper Bug Screens

There are also garage bug screens that offer a zipper option, for the same reasons as the magnetic option. Easy and quick actress. Some people think that a zipper is more appealing to the eye, and opt for this. You really can’t go wrong with either. Using a zipper may feel like no space is left open, however, there is a greater chance of tearing your screen. Or the time it might take to zip up can allow bugs to fly in.


What makes a great garage door bug screen? It depends on what you are looking for. The most durable? Easy access? Curb Appeal? Weather resistant? There are numerous things to consider. Whatever option you decide, we can all agree that bug screens are incredibly important. Especially in the summer months, when AC isn’t an option. Happy hunting! Read more on the front page.

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