What Makes a Great Mattress?

July 18, 2022

What Makes a Great Mattress?

Back in the day, it never used to be hard to pick a mattress. You really didn’t have many options to choose from. Twin size, double, queen, or king. Firm, or soft. That was pretty much the criteria you had to choose from. However now, there are so many different types of mattresses out there on the market. It can be hard to determine what is right for you. What might feel comfortable to you, and also what works well for your body’s needs. You have memory foam, Tempurpedic, innerspring, etc. With all these options out there, it can seem overwhelming to truly know what is best for you. So let’s make it simple, and dive into some of the top choices out there. Let's take a look at what makes a great mattress.

Puffy Mattress

Puffy mattresses are all manufactured in the USA. They also offer a lifetime warranty. They are among the top-selling mattresses, for many reasons. Puffy mattresses are generally a bit taller in height than other mattresses. This allows for multi-levels of comfort. The various levels of foam inside the mattresses are all there to create extreme comfort. There are six inches of memory foam with a gel-infused top layer. As well as four inches of solid core support. Puffy offers different models as well. The Lux Hybrid, and the Royal Hybrid. The Puffy mattress is also available in six different sizes. Twin, TwinXL, full, queen, king, and California king. Many more options to choose from than there used to be. 

Puffy for the Cause

Puffy mattresses aren’t just about top-notch comfort. The company is also about giving back. Because they offer a lifetime warranty, no questions asked, they are able to give back. You see, when Puffy has an unwanted or unused mattress, they donate that mattress to children in need. They pride themselves on not only great service but also the ability to give back to the community. They have an A rating from the Better Business Bureau. Puffy also has a 5-star rating with its customer base. That is something that speaks for itself. 

Iconic Design

Puffy is famous for its design. The mattress is covered with its cloud logo. The logo suits the company perfectly, as it feels like you are sleeping on clouds. The mattresses are also covered with tiny pores. This is so that the temperature can easily be absorbed. While allowing for your body to remain at a comfortable temperature while sleeping. It also comes with a mattress cover, with zippers. Allowing for easy removal for washing. A Puffy mattress is a great option for a comfortable mattress, but it’s not the only comfortable option out there. There is also the Purple mattress. 

Purple Mattress

The Purple mattress was created by twin brothers, Terry and Tony Pearce. It is an extremely comfortable mattress. Consisting solely of foam. It offers various levels of firmness. As well as temperature control. The special thing about the Purple mattress is its “Purple Grid” technology. Sounds fancy.  Let’s take a look.

The Grid Layer

A Purple mattress is made up of foam. With two inches of the “grid”. As well as 3.5 inches of polyfoam. The Purple Grid layer is a grid designed to promote airflow between the layers of foam in the mattress. It helps regulate temperature. And keep the comfort consistent. There are over 1800 air channels that are built into the grid. This is precisely why people who feel hotter while sleeping, choose the Purple mattress. It’s great for not only keeping a comfortable temperature all night long.  It also helps to keep you cooler. No more night sweats! That sounds like a pretty great concept. 

No more body aches 

Waking up in the morning with a sore back is thought to be a sign of aging. But what if it’s actually a sign of a mattress that just isn’t compatible with your body? The Purple mattress works to help relieve stress. Or pressure in the body while you sleep. As I mentioned earlier, the Grid Layer is great at temperature control. But it is also great for molding to your body. The Purple will be both firm and soft. In all the right places. It perfectly molds to your body. Whatever position you are sleeping in. The Purple also retains the natural structure of the mattress. No matter how long you sleep on it. 


So there you have it. Two amazing mattresses on the market for your choosing. I hope you enjoyed reading about the differences between these two incredible mattresses. Whether you choose purple mattress vs puffy, your body’s comfort is in good hands.  You really can't go wrong with whatever you decide. Whatever you are looking for.  So happy hunting. And even more, happy sleeping! Read more on the front page.

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