What Makes HDB Renovation Contractors Different from Local Ones

July 29, 2022

Choosing the right contractor is the most important decision regarding the renovation. However, some people commit the mistake of hiring local contractors as they offer their services at cheaper rates. But, local renovation contractors are not reliable as they compromise on quality to keep their prices low. For this reason, you should only trust HDB registered renovation contractors to get professional quality work at competitive prices. To provide you with clarity about the advantages of hiring HDB renovation contractors, we have listed the top points below. Read to find out!

Benefits of Hiring HDB Contractors Over Local Ones

Damage Free Renovation

If the workers are not skilled enough, the respective property can be damaged during the renovation process. Because inexperienced workers are not trained to meet the best standards. It is the main issue with local contractors as they don't include expert and skilled workers in their team for cost-cutting. Professional workers ask for more labour which the local contractors are unable to provide.

HDB contractors, on the other hand, have trained workers, familiar with government guidelines. So, they make sure to carry out different processes related to remodelling in a professional way. As a result, the chances of the respective property getting damaged are negligible. This way, you don't have to bear expenses related to damage, and the project gets completed within the desired budget.

Following The Government Guidelines

HDB contractors are bound to follow the renovation guideline prescribed by the government authorities. Otherwise, they need to face penalties and in extreme cases, they are marked as unregistered by HDB. For this reason, these contractors ensure that all the remodelling work is in compliance with government policies.

They are familiar with the detailed rules for various remodelling processes such as window works, electrical fittings, AC installation, and more. So, you don't have to worry that the contractor is performing renovation using the best practices. This way, you get a good finish in the remodelling work.

Quality Work At Budget

HDB contractors have an idea about how to utilise the budget to provide you with a value-for-money renovation experience. Thus, even if your budget is not huge, you still get a specific level of quality and finish the work. After years of working in the industry, they have figured out the best renovation approaches. Also, they know all the ins and outs of renovation, hence, offers the demanded services in the economical range giving customers the satisfactory results.

Using Modern Renovation Approaches

When it comes to the renovation market, then, it is regularly growing, and more techniques and practices are evolving. And, to remain in this market, HBD-registering companies are working on advancing offerings and including new practices on a timely basis. So, when the customer requires modern and unique components in the renovations, consider direct contractors as the best option.

Considerably, the local renovation contractors are delivering impressive projects but for quality and finishing, they lack. Saying if by hiring them, you can execute the desired components then it is not assured. The ones who are HDB certified, are the trusted source.

Managing Legal Formalities on Owner's Behalf

While starting any renovation project, the first thing is that it has to face several administrative and legal norms. In the same vein, much documentation and paperwork are also there. Yes, the local contractors deal with renovation services; additional formalities are not included. Therefore, the clients are only liable to complete the paperwork and formalities.

But, we don't consider it as an ideal choice. Because there are no skills and experience, hence, the chances of mistakes are there. In case this happens, then, there will be a lot of waste of time and effort. However, all the process requires to be started again. Imagine all the hassles!

The HDB-certified contractors complete all the legal work and proceedings for you. Being experienced, they know all the details of files, signatures, and additional formalities related. Not to forget, all of the processes will not consume much time; ensuring no wastage of it.

Providing Services at Discounted Charges

The fundamental aspect to gather customer attention is to please them with discounts and offers. Same is the case in HDB contractors. Mostly, they bundle the services in a package that seems cost-effective to the clients. Certainly, all these confirm insurance and guarantee. So, in case of accidents or damage, the contractors are at your service. They will give satisfactory assistance. But, when it comes to local contractors, there are no such benefits. So, undoubtedly, choosing the HDB registered contractors is a win-win.

Incorporating Professionalism in Work

Professionalism comes with experience and HDB contractors are experts in both. Their certification confirms so. They are skilled enough in their work- from specialists to quality and standardised equipment, they have everything. Doubting on their work and their ability to give their best is not right; they hold a reputation in the market. Their fundamental aim is to build reliability and trust in the customers, which one way or the other is valuable for a successful business. They maintain the reliable delivery of services that their work speaks for itself.

On the other hand, the local contractors lack in acquiring the projects. Therefore, instead of quality, they run behind quantity and engage more clients. Even, they lower the price range and use the less quality products to compensate for the costs. So, you can imagine their work ethics!

Concluding Remarks

As of now, you must have made up your mind on which are better; local or HDB contractors. For us, the HDB contractors succeed in all facets comparatively. It would be better to hire HDB home renovation contractors in Singapore for renovation. They are experts and give the best finishing work, completing the work in the right time frame. Whereas the local contractors can hamper your work in any way, of course, you don't want that to happen to you.

So, do not spend your hard-earned money by not reviewing or overlooking the aspects mentioned in this article. Make a wise decision!


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