Why Are My LED Lights Not Working

July 25, 2022

LED lights are a big upgrade over the light bulbs of the past. They generally last longer, burn less energy, offer more light, and require less upkeep than other types of light bulbs or light sources. Nevertheless, this does not mean that LED lights are without fault. In fact, if you've been using LED lights in your home or office for more than a few years, you have probably faced various problems that require troubleshooting.

Thankfully, just because you're having an issue with your LED light, it doesn't always mean that you will need to purchase an entirely new strip. Vorlane LED strip lights are the trending strips that come in a wide variety. The improved quality of the lights with constantly adding innovations minimize the chances of faults in them. However, technology has its own downsides.

So, in this article, we will look at some common issues that LED light users run into, in addition to a few of the best and most cost-effective options to handle them.

My LED light strips will not turn on

If your LED light strips will not turn on whatsoever, it is likely a poor pin connection. This is similar to charging your cell phone or plugging anything into an electrical outlet. If the metal prongs are not firmly connected inside the outlet, you will not get the desired result. The same concept applies with LED light strips. The vast majority of LED light strips use a set of small connectors (pins) to conduct electricity throughout the strip. It's not very common for pins to go bad, so it's usually a matter that the pins are not plugged in correctly. You need to also ensure that your power source is correctly connected. If none of these options works, it might be a faulty wiring issue, in which case your LED light strip will need to be fixed or replaced.

The LED colors are wrong

One of the benefits of LED lights is the option to pick from a wide variety of colors. However, if the LED colors are incorrect, it might indicate that something is not plugged in correctly. For the most part, you will simply have to make sure that your R, G, and B wires are connected in the proper places. Furthermore, you should make sure that the positive end of the connector is aligned with the positive end of the strip. If you're certain that the wires are in the correct placements and the colors are still wrong, you should reset LED light strips per the directions in the guide. This will usually fix any internal issues that are leading to color malfunctions.

LED lights only work when you touch them

Remarkably, a lot of LED lights and strips do not require a large amount of voltage. This means that, in theory, the energy produced from your body can actually be enough to turn on your LED light! However, if this is the only way that your LED light will turn on, it means that you could be dealing with a vast array of issues, from faulty wiring to defective drivers. You may need to try out various power sources and wiring configurations to fix the precise issue.

Half of the LED strip lights are not working

This is a really common problem with older LED strip lights. In the vast majority of circumstances, it is due to overheated metal on specific sections of your LED strip. This means that part of your LED strip will continue to work fine, while the "fatigued" parts will not turn on at all. Since this issue is with parts of the strip itself, you may have to contact the manufacturer for substitute parts. However, typically, you will simply have to replace the complete strip.

The Bottom Line

As you can see, LED lights and LED light strips can stop working for various reasons. Sometimes, the reasons could be external, like an incompatible power source or dimmer. In other circumstances, it could be a problem with the way in which you have your strip connected. This can impact the ability for power to reach your LED light strip or possibly alter the colors emitted from the light. In less common cases, it could be an internal issue that requires the replacement of your entire LED light strip.

Fortunately, Wholesale Lighting at Affordable Prices in Ontario are made to be long-lasting and durable, especially if you purchase them via a high quality manufacturer. This means that the majority of problems can be fixed with DIY troubleshooting. Regardless, we hope you found this troubleshooting guide for LED strip lights informative and helpful!


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