Wireless clip on microphone: What do you need to know

July 9, 2022

One of the most popular items in the wireless microphone catalog would be the traditional lavaliere design. For those not familiar with what a lavaliere is, it is commonly dubbed a "clip-on" microphone. This nickname is a fairly self-explanatory one: the microphone comes with a clip that attaches to your collar. When you speak, the wireless microphone clip on shirt will picks up on your words. That is certainly expected because if it didn't, it would not be much of a microphone!

In all seriousness, there are many positives to this type of microphone beyond the basic, obvious functions it is intended to perform. Understanding some of these benefits may help guide those "on the bubble" about purchasing to select a wireless microphone lavaliere.

The main benefit to this type of wireless clip on microphone for iphone is that it is Omni directional. That means it can draw in sound from a fairly decent radius. The most annoying disaster scenario that can develop when making an audio recording would be the person wearing the microphone is not recorded properly. This could be because the microphone slips or it ends up being too far from the speaker's mouth. Generally, such problems should be overcome by a high-quality design with the microphone.

Those that employ a cheap, less than high-quality lavaliere microphone will discover they made a major mistake. The lack of Omni directional recording power ends up delivering low volume sound or poor recordings with dips, peaks, and valleys. A high-quality wireless clip on microphone can often avoid such common problems.

Of course, the audio engineer also has to do his/her part to prevent such problems from developing. The microphone will send the wireless signal to a soundboard. A close examination of the modules on the soundboard will reveal the aforementioned peaks, valleys, and sound levels. Adjusting the dials will correct the problems most effectively.

What happens if the adjustments are not yielding any results? You may have to examine where the wireless clip on microphone amazon is placed on the person being recorded. If the lavaliere is too far from the person's mouth then you would need to adjust it or move it closer. If you are concerned about the microphone being visible on camera in a video recording, you could always tuck the microphone under a collar or even inside of a shirt. The microphone will be strong enough to pick up the sounds it is intended to record.

On the other side of the coin, a wireless microphone lavaliere is also designed to avoid picking up sounds it is not supposed to record. Background noise and another natural sounds will not be captured and transmitted with these quality microphones. Those that opt to "go cheap" on lesser quality microphones will discover that there is no benefit to saving money on the microphone and then ending up with jumbled, indecipherable, mixed-up sounds on the recording. A best clip on wireless microphone will not do this. It is too high of a quality microphone to yield such problems. That is why it is so recommended!

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