10 Things To Remember While Decorating Your Room

August 20, 2022

A lot of people think about decorating their room but how to start doing it is a big challenge. Watching custom design room makeover videos is never going to be sufficient because it is really difficult to do things they do. And how would you recreate the exact same thing? There are so many ifs and buts that people have in their heads when they think about designing and decorating their rooms.

Surely it will be a challenge for you in every way. While designing the room everyone wishes to make it as beautiful as they can. But this requires a lot of expertise. And that will only come your way with experience. But wait a minute, in this blog we are going to give you 10 things to remember while decorating your room. So that you can fix things easily and quickly.

Some important things that can help in decorating your room better

  1. Try to get a subtle color palette

We know that you might have seen a lot of houses having multiple charismatic colors on the walls. Some have bold primary colors and some with a toned hues. But with experience, you will understand that the charm, likings, and adorability of these colors are short lived. Therefore we suggest that you go for the subtle color palette. Consider getting white, lightest shades of blue, pink, and something like this.

It looks beautiful for a long time and sets a cozy mood. Subtle colors are not only liked by people because it injects a calmness in the mind, but also because it is the best way of getting customized wall art. According to some experts, subtle or light colors can also create a mindset where the room looks bigger than it actually is.

  1. Do not forget the windows and doors

There is one very important thing that most people neglect and that is windows and doors. Yes, you heard that right! Do you consider them a part of your room? Then you must change or repair them time-to-time. There are so many good homes having multiple modern facilities but they lack a good door or window. There are so many good and modern designs in both these things.

You can go for aluminium frame windows and doors or uPVC doors and windows. These are two very popular materials that have been revolutionising the world of doors and windows. So, while you decorate or re-design your house, we would suggest that you don’t ignore these.

  1. Try a modern ceiling

Some people think that no one has time to stick their head up to have a look at your ceiling; but is that true? If you talk to an experienced person in the field of room custom design, they will tell you how important ceilings are. There are so many fashionable ceilings that have been introduced in the market and every now and then you see something new. Just like the wallpapers, you will see ceiling papers too. That will be soothing or pleasant to the eyes.

Consider synchronising the color and pattern with your walls and the decorative items. And if you are looking for choices, there is no dearth of options in the market. All you need to do is look for the one thing that you desire to have in your room. And also keep in mind that the design or pattern you get on the ceiling should be ideal for the room. Which means, there are a few patterns for the bedroom, some for the drawing room, and so on.

  1. A simple decor is the best

Picking up the right decor for your rooms will also be a crucial thing for you. There should be an ideal space for the people living in a room without missing out on the cozy, elegant, and sophistication of it. If you have a large room to decorate, good enough!

You have the liberty of putting in larger pieces and more in numbers, but on the other hand, when it is about styling a small room, you will have to think wisely. Keeping only necessary items and that too of an ideal size as per your space becomes utmost important. If you still want to keep more items in your room, we suggest that you use the corners and wall area (but even that should be done systematically and wisely.)

  1. Use wall storages in your room

We know a lot of people would not agree to this point but it is a fact you can’t deny. Sooner or later people understand that keeping storage in their room starts eating up their space. And over time it starts to look as if the room has shirked. So, now there is a better way to manage things and that’s to get wall storages. You can have a look at the ways that people use customized designed wardrobes and other storage. Do not consider that these are some odd or outdated ways. Just search the internet and you will get loads of options.

  1. Light up the room modernly

Even if it is daytime, you must have lighting that will support your room’s aesthetics. That can be covered well with ambient lighting because it illuminated the entire house in a beautiful way. Put some lamps, low and bright bulbs, and something that will give a refreshing and crisp look to your house.

Also, before choosing lighting for your house make sure that it matches the overall aesthetic look. It will be better if you keep soft and bright light both in each room of your house. This will give you a chance to enjoy the bright lighting as well as dim illumination whenever you need.

  1. Enjoy a techie house

How about creating a house that is well-equipped with technology or we can say has a tech-oriented place. You can connect each and everything in the house with the internet and create a technologically advanced house. What do you think about that? This is one way to make your house look modern and advanced.

And it also becomes very easy if you figure such things in the beginning of your custom design. Because there are things that can but will take extra cost, effort, and time to be built afterwards.

  1. Floral arrangements

Keeping fresh flowers in your house at some places will surely improve the overall look. It infuses with the beauty of the room and improves the overall vibe of the house. It isn’t necessary that you will have to keep vases of different types to keep the flowers. There are multiple arrangements that can be done.

At some places you will see rose petals being kept in a big bowl of water. That keeps the room aromatic and beautifies the overall place. Doing something like this will also help in better sleep and enhance the vibrancy of the house.

  1. Scented or decorative candles

Who said only electrical lights are going to be flashy or good for your room? Try scented or decorative candles for once. They will also help you in getting something better than just lighting. And if you are using scented candles, it infuses aroma in the air and that makes it beautiful.

There are so many types and designs of candles in the market and also variety is there in scents. You get many floral and other types of scents in cup candles. And even experienced designers vouch for such things.

  1. Nature indoors

Contemporary furniture is going to add to the uniqueness of the house but it can become even better if there is a natural element introduced in the room. Don’t you think? Surely you can get customized wall art but nothing matches the beauty of an indoor plant. That not only looks good but gives positivity in the entire house. You will surely love the look and feel of such a setup. Make sure that the indoor plants are places on the corners and they don’t come in your way.


The 10 ideas that we have given above will surely help you in decorating the entire house, quite well. Not only will you be able to enjoy comfort and additional space but also get a top-notch house. If you read it carefully, it won’t be difficult to understand and follow things that we have given here. All you need to do is execute them correctly and decorating will become fun. Happy decorating!

JJ Sterling
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