10 Tips to Start a Profitable Online Furniture Business

August 2, 2022


The furniture business is undoubtedly a profitable venture. It has been a billion-dollar industry for the past few years. Just in 2020, the global market value of furniture reached over $550 billion. The US furniture market is the biggest in the world, with around $116 billion.

These statistics are enough to encourage anyone to start a furniture business. If you take your business to the digital platforms, you can increase your profits and customer base. Selling your furniture online may sound weird, but it will be more rewarding if you do it right.

Here, we will discuss the best tips and tricks to start a profitable online furniture business. So, shall we start?

What is the furniture business?

Before we move forward, let's discuss what the furniture business is.

A furniture business may include designing, manufacturing, distribution, and sales of furniture. You may decide which type of furniture you would prefer to sell. It can be household items like sofa, bed, chairs, or furniture for schools, offices, and institutions.

Tips to start an online furniture business

Starting a profitable online business is not difficult. Although you need to have the knowledge and understand of the furniture industry to succeed in this business. Let's check how you can start an online furniture business successfully;

Preparation for online store

Before starting your online furniture business, you need to accomplish the following steps;

  • You should decide on the furniture niche designs.
  • Figure out the designs of your furniture products.
  • You should decide the type of material for your business.
  • Conduct market research before you do your business online.

Make a website

If you want your furniture business to run successfully for a long time, you must create a website. You will need to select a domain name for your website.

Make sure that it is short, attractive, and relevant to your business. After that, add your furniture with different categories and sections.

Manage your inventory

You will be able to run a profitable online furniture business only when you have an organized inventory. You can choose an inventory management system like SeeBiz Inventory to make to cope with your inventory tasks.

SeeBiz will keep a record of your products from purchase order to packaging, shipment, and delivery. It creates reports to provide you with insights about your inventory.

You can label and assign a unique identification code to each of your products. This way, you will know when to restock an item. SeeBiz Inventory will send notification of an item reaching to the reorder point.

With the help of the SeeBIz Inventory, you can have information about the products in demand. You can also add and communicate with all your business contacts within the inventory.

Sort out shipping details

Do you need to decide where you can ship? It can be;

  • At the local level
  • At the national level
  • At the international level

You can ship from anywhere, but you will need to choose a place for that. As your business grows, you will need a warehouse or any other place to keep your stock.

Select a selling platform

Whether you choose to create a website or not, you will need a selling platform. While choosing a selling platform, keep the following things in mind;

  • It should have an easy process to upload items and create a catalog.
  • It should come with reasonable terms and conditions.

If you’re looking for a reliable B2B platform to source wholesale furniture, SeeBiz is a great option. It’s a free B2B wholesale and networking platform that connects businesses together. It houses over 600,000 products and 1000+ verified vendors.

You can join SeeBiz and connect with high-profile suppliers. They’ll help you solve your product sourcing problems. Another great thing about SeeBiz is the sheer number of businesses in their network. A large number of vendors mean more product variety. This makes it easier than ever to source products.

So, selecting a platform that solves all your sourcing issues will play a key role in your business success.

Invest in photography

Having good pictures of your products is imperative to sell your furniture in online stores. Remember, customers will decide to purchase based on pictures. So, upload your product images with attractive and high-quality graphics.

Promote your business

The promotion of your furniture store might be the most important step in making your online store successful. More customers mean big sales and profits. You can use traditional and advanced methods of promoting your furniture. It depends on your target market. Create a short and eye-catching video to introduce your company to the customers.

Provide good customer service

Customers are the backbone of any business. Make sure that you provide the best customer service to your clients. For this purpose,

  • Hire qualified customer service staff
  • Encourage your staff to prioritize the customers
  • Use the complaints of your customers to improve your services

Use social media and collaborate

The power of social media cannot be denied. To grow your furniture business, use social media platforms. With paid advertisement and customer engagement, your sales can increase many folds.

You can also use social media to take suggestions from your customers. It will help you figure out what your customers want. To start in social media, you can collaborate with social media influencers of similar niche. Make sure that you collaborate with someone that has a large audience and customer engagement.

Grow your furniture line

Once you set up your online store, you can focus on growing your business. We suggest that you choose many selling platforms to increase your audience. After getting a large audience, you can introduce innovative designs for your furniture products. You can also provide your customers with the option of customized orders.


Starting a profitable online furniture business is not much difficult. But it needs your time and effort to keep your customers engaged and satisfied. Use advanced marketing tools like email marketing to grow your audience. We hope that you will be able to build a successful online store with these tips.


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