3 Tips on How to Make Instagram Travel Videos

August 18, 2022

Social networking has not only made the world smaller, but more reachable as well. Places unknown to most of the world even a decade ago have suddenly sprung up in view in the form of images and videos. People now know much more about exotic places than they did 10 years ago. Travel videos have a huge fan base on Instagram, one of the frontline photo and video sharing platforms. Just like wanderlust takes people to faraway places, the same thirst for travel urges travel enthusiasts to look into videos that showcase the world.

There is a huge demand for travel videos on Instagram, and Instagrammers are constantly trying to create image to video to attract viewers. There is so much content out there that you must make something unique to stand out. In this article, we will discuss three effective tips on how to make Instagrammable travel videos.

3 Tips on How to Make Instagram Travel Videos

It is important to remember that every social networking site caters to the audience uniquely. What works for one social media platform may not be beneficial in the same way to the others. So, what works on YouTube, might not work for Instagram. Hence, keeping that in mind, let us discuss how we can make travel videos more appealing to viewers on Instagram.

#1. Short but Informative Videos

One important thing to understand about Instagram Stories is that you get only 15 seconds to show the world your point of view. So, every moment captured in these 15 seconds is crucial. These videos most often stand out than still pictures and get more views.

So, the first and foremost thing you need to ask yourself is, what is the point of this video? This will answer the purpose, whether you are trying to show your viewers a spectacular natural phenomenon or the breathtaking artwork on the walls of an ancient structure.

Secondly, think about how to make it more interesting. Understand that whatever you are taking videos of is physically present before you. But, your audience is seeing it through your lenses, so it has to be enhanced in the videos to create an impact. Telling a story to your audience in just 15 seconds might sound like an impossible task, but it’s all about creativity. However, you will have more freedom in Instagram video posts, a feature introduced in place of IGTV and integrated with video posts in the feeds.

#2. Use Different Shots for Your Videos

Another useful technique to apply while taking a video for Instagram is experimenting with different types of shots. You will find many kinds of shots to experiment with. Try them out in advance to know which one applies best to a particular moment. For example, trying to depict a sensory experience, you could try using a close-up shot. Again, while capturing a landscape, wide-angle shots work better. You can also combine multiple shots in one video of 15 seconds.

However, if you are making an Instagram video post, you can spend more time exploring your creativity. You can try out high-angle and low-angle shots to capture imposing structures, or a bird’s eye view shot to capture a swathe of land from a commanding position on the top.

#3. Make Sure to Edit Your Videos Well

You can edit these takes further to make them more alluring to engage your viewers. You can create videos online, edit them, and prepare them just the way you want before they go on Instagram.

  1. The sole purpose of editing travel videos is to intensify and magnify every moment so that people watching the videos get the same kind of vibe that you did while experiencing it. If you post it as it was shot, you may be unable to communicate the real motive behind the video. It can appear bland and without purpose, resulting in fewer views. You can apply filters, edit the length, include different frames, and even background music and captions so that your videos are capable of stirring the curiosity of an online audience.
  2. Editing a video for a 15-second Instagram Story can be challenging. This is where you roll up your sleeves and allow your creative side to pour out. Remember to discard all those shots that do not add value to your content. There are many different editing tools and effects to make your videos striking without compromising on the basic purpose of the video. These include time lapses, slow motion, jump cuts etc.
  3. You can use heavy-duty editing software to edit your videos, or make videos using online editing platforms. Many online video editors help you create unique videos for free. InVideo is an online video editor that allows you to edit videos on its platform for free by providing you with a wide range of video editing features, including filters, templates, transitions, and much more. You can also cut the size of the video and include background music from its well- stocked music library. All you will be required to do is create a free account before getting started.


People are deluged by content on social networking sites such as Instagram. So, you will have seconds to ensure they don’t just scroll past. While making and editing a video, ensure you offer something that will grab their attention and keep it intact until the end. This is how it should be for every video you post on Instagram. Your viewers do not have a very long attention span and are most likely checking their feeds while doing something else. So, you have a very short window to tap their interests and make them appreciate your content. Grab the opportunity and keep soaring with amazing travel videos that are well edited and rich in information.

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