4 of the Best Real Estate Jobs & Investments

August 3, 2022

Do you want to be an investor or employee in real estate? If so, the 2020s are an excellent time to get involved. There are not only multiple job opportunities available but several lucrative investing strategies for those who seek to get into the real estate game. The most popular traditional approach is to become an agent who sells properties directly to the public. However, investors and job seekers also explore ideas like buying fractional ownership shares, acquiring certification as inspectors, earning appraisal licenses, and working as part-time or full-time property stagers. Here's more about beginning your foray into the real estate marketplace.

Investing in Shares

When it comes to amassing personal wealth, real estate has been the number one choice for decades. This is particularly true in today's inflationary economy and wildly fluctuating stock market. In the 2020s, unfortunately, it's much more of a challenge for younger working adults to purchase homes or stash money away for retirement. The good news is that fractional ownership of real estate now makes it possible for these diligent consumers to do as their parents did and use real estate to secure their financial future. As prices of new homes are rising faster than income, several crowdfunding techniques are giving people the chance to invest in fractional real estate shares without committing large amounts of capital. The first step is to review a guide on the topic and decide if the method is suitable for you.

Property Inspection

Property inspectors work hard to create detailed reports on the specific condition of a for-sale house, condo, or other structure. Training is extensive and includes several months of classroom attendance and on-the-job time with a mentor. Inspectors can work for firms or set up independent operations. Most do the job full-time and enjoy excellent pay and plenty of job openings.


Appraisers sell their services to banks, loan companies, buyers, and sellers. The majority of them work for local banks and spend hours of number crunching to arrive at an accurate estimate of the value of a particular piece of property. Lenders, sellers, and buyers rely on appraised values to begin the negotiation process. You'll need about 100 classroom hours and a license to work as an appraisal professional, but the hours are flexible, and many people do the job part-time.


Professional and part-time property stagers are in demand as home values rise and sellers want to get the best possible home prices. Opening a one-person staging business is a low-cost, fast-paced way to get into the real estate industry without taking a licensing, inspectors, or appraisers’ exam. Consider starting your practice if you have a good eye for detail and a gut instinct for what looks good to potential buyers. Be ready to learn how to do multiple chores, or hire others to do them for you. They include landscaping, touch-up painting, window cleaning and repair, installation of yard lighting, blacktop cleaning, and garage door renovation. Stagers also arrange the inside of homes much as an interior decorator would but without the in-depth detail.



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