4 Tips On Decluttering Photos In Your Home

August 25, 2022

Some people find it therapeutic to declutter a home, but others aren't huge fans of this task. However, keeping your home organized and neat is a necessary chore. Decluttering is a broad term and it includes decluttering photos.

If you have a massive collection of photos from many years ago until today, you know it's time to organize them and eradicate those that are only taking up space in your valuable wide range of photo albums.

Decluttering photos doesn't have to be burdensome as long as you follow tips and tricks. If you haven't done this in the past, you should prepare to let go of many memorable photos, so prepare yourself emotionally for that.

Consider applying the following decluttering tips to sort your photos successfully:

1. Think Of What You Want To Achieve

First thing's first. Before you toss a lot of photos in the trash bin, it's crucial to determine your purpose and goals. What do you want to achieve after decluttering? How many images are you willing to give up? Ask yourself these questions and some more; then, you'll be able to focus on these goals while starting to declutter.

There could be many photos that hold a special place in your heart, so you need to assess how far you're willing to let them go. Expect to visit various memories in the past and feel emotional or nostalgic about them. Knowing what you want to achieve makes it easier to keep or let pictures go. It’d help to create a list and categorize photos according to their timeline or level of importance. All these can help your photo decluttering process.

2. Gather All Your Photo Collection

Once the purpose and goals are laid out, it's time to begin decluttering. The first step is to gather all your photos together. Find where your family photo albums are, and include the ones on the frames, as you might want to update or change them anyway. When renovating your living space, grab this opportunity to sort through each and every space of your house.

Go through your home and check every cabinet to see if some photos are hidden there. Once you've checked every corner of your house, you can place all the pictures in one place, where you can easily sort through them. This can be done on the sofa, table, or carpeted floor. Prepare yourself to delegate enough time to sort them through. If you feel it’ll take longer, keep them in a box, so you can adequately segregate which ones are done for assessment or not.

3. Check And Assess Photos

During the sorting process, deciding whether you want to keep the photo or let it go is relevant. These are the photos that you probably have to let go of:

  • Blurry Or Poor-quality Photos

In the past, many bad-quality photos were taken due to the limited features of the older cameras available then. These pictures might have poor focus, blurred subjects, and others.

  • Duplicate Images

There are instances when you need to take the same shot twice or thrice, just to make sure. In such a case, it's time to let the duplicates go. The key is to find the best-looking picture and keep that one while getting rid of the rest. You'll be surprised to see how much space you've freed up because of this step.

  • Photos With Bad Memories

While browsing the pictures, you might come across painful times and memories you never want to look back on. In this case, it's okay to let them go. It could be a person who has hurt you significantly or a place or time you really don't want to remember anymore.

4. Organize And Categorize Them

Organizing your photos is the next step after decluttering is complete. This is the crucial time to organize your photos once again. Depending on your plans or goals, you should be able to decide how to organize, categorize, keep, and store them. You may want to place them in sturdy photo books, find some of the best pictures for photo frames, and store the rest in different boxes.

Another way is to take down notes at the back of the photos, so you can easily remember when and where it's taken. This makes it easier for others to remember them if you ever wish to share them. Make it a point to organize all your photos in the most convenient ways. Although keeping them all in albums is unnecessary, you can group them all together with time stamps or place categories and keep them in storage boxes.

Wrap Up

Decluttering photos may not be a joyous process for some, but it shouldn't be stressful too. By applying the tips above, you can finally sort through your old photos and keep only those that are worthy. After decluttering your photos, be sure not to let them get out of control again. Setting up a system to store your new photos will help you do this.




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