5 Essentials to Remember to Pack in Your Carry-On Bag When You Go on Your Next Trip

August 23, 2022

Whether you’re getting ready for a family holiday, business trip, or a long weekend abroad with some of your closest friends or partner, we firmly believe in travelling with only carry-on luggage. When you travel carry-on only, you minimise the risk of spending too much at the airport and reduce the amount you pack due to the space limitations of a smaller bag, plus many other benefits.

While other travellers are kick-starting their trip abroad with an additional charge of £11-£12 per extra kilo of luggage on the day, you and your family will be sitting in the airport lounge helping yourselves to a continental breakfast buffet. However, what if you’re travelling with an airline that doesn’t allow people to travel carry-on only? Or what if you’re flying on a much smaller aircraft with more stringent carry-on rules? Or perhaps you’re not quite ready to travel bag only just yet?

Regardless of your reasons, ensuring you bring everything you need while abiding by the TSA’s rules can be challenging. Not to mention, you can forget things, accidents can occur, and stuff can get stolen – so it’s essential to plan. To make your travels more straightforward, we’ve created this list of essentials, from disposable vapes to in-flight entertainment, to remember to pack in your carry-on when you go on your next trip.

Any Pieces Of Documentation That You Might Need

It might sound apparent to those that fly regularly. Still, it is essential to keep any documentation you might need throughout your flight, such as your wallet, passport, flight tickets, and the documentation you need to present to pass health controls upon arrival in your country of destination if necessary.

We also recommend keeping any other physical tickets (such as train or event tickets), directions to your accommodation that you’ve printed out, or any other documents that you might not have a digital copy of inside an easy-to-reach compartment of your carry-on bag.

If you haven’t already, we recommend printing out any tickets or documents you’ll need during your trip to avoid mishaps. Despite the advantages technology has had on our society, the scope for mistakes or accidents is never eliminated, so whether your device runs out of battery, gets stolen, or is broken, you must also have a paper copy of your documents just in case.

Cigarettes And E-Cigarettes

Despite the stringent rules surrounding smoking and vaping inside the terminal building and on the aeroplane, travellers who smoke can take smoking materials in their carry-on luggage; however, specific rules must be adhered to. Cigarettes, e-cigarettes, and tobacco products are allowed in carry-on baggage.

Yet, lighters and e-cigarettes must be included in your liquid allowance and kept inside your allocated plastic bag while going through security. Only after the bag has been screened can you take it out and put it about your person. Due to their lithium battery components, e-cigarettes and disposable vapes cannot be stored in the hold, yet e-liquid, disposable vape flavours, and extra refills can.

Suppose you opt to vape instead of smoking. In that case, we recommend purchasing a carry case to ensure all your paraphernalia is accounted for, such as spare batteries, e-liquids, additional accessories, and much more. On the other hand, if you’re worried about anything in your kit potentially getting stolen, you could consider trying disposable vapes while you’re abroad.

Like traditional e-cigarettes, you can purchase from various brands with different disposable vape flavours, nicotine strength, and varying amounts of puffs. Learn more by visiting the websites of independent vape stores like Grey Haze, where you can find reviews, how-to guides, and their range of disposable and traditional vape kits. Consider visiting their website or following their blog to keep up to date with the latest news and vaping-related advice today.

Phone Charger

Whether you have the latest generation iPhone or Android device, it would be best if you never assumed that your mobile would last throughout your journey through the airport, during taxi, and until you arrive at your accommodation in your destination of choice. No matter how good your phone’s battery life might be, carrying a charging cable in your carry-on is always recommended.

Travelling is stressful; you might have spent so much time packing the previous night that you forgot to put your phone on charge. Or you might be using your phone for everything from storing your flight tickets to providing directions to your accommodation, causing the battery to drain quicker and giving you a nasty shock when it’s displaying twenty percent before your flight’s departed.

Avoid this by storing a spare charger in your carry-on baggage so that you can plug your device in whenever it looks like it needs a quick boost, or if you’ve got limited space in your carry-on; you could consider purchasing a power bank. The best portable chargers offer wireless charging, extensive port options, fast charging, and much more, making keeping your phone battery topped up while travelling more effortless than ever.

In-Flight Entertainment

Depending on which flight provider you choose to travel with, most providers have an in-flight entertainment system which enables travellers to watch films, tv series, play games, and much more. Ensure that you head to your flight provider's website to double-check what will be shown on their in-flight entertainment system for the date of your outward and return flight so that you know what to expect.

On the other hand, if your chosen flight provider doesn’t have an in-flight entertainment system, the system is experiencing issues on the day, or if you don’t like the look of the entertainment offered on your selected flight dates, you might want to consider bringing your entertainment with you in your carry-on.

Whether you opt to bring your tablet, handheld gaming console, e-reader, or another item to keep you entertained, ensure that it is something that will keep you occupied for several hours and that you won't grow bored of it after several minutes of using it. One of the best ways of combatting this is by bringing something that can be used for various purposes, whether reading, writing, gaming, watching etc., so that you can alternate between activities if you grow weary of another.

Any Valuables

Although your mind may convince you that your valuables are safer locked away in your suitcase than on your person, your camera, jewellery, designer items, laptop, tablet, and other expensive items are safer in your carry-on than in your hold bag. Over the years, many UK tourists have had valuables stolen while on holiday, despite airports' efforts to reduce luggage theft. No matter how many precautions are put into place, incidents still occur; therefore, it’s best to err on the side of caution and assume it belongs in your carry-on; if you’ll be out of pocket, should it be stolen.

Even small, non-expensive items have been stolen out of suitcases before, so ensure that you ask yourself whether you need to take this luxury item with you on holiday, and if so, that you are prepared to keep it in your carry-on. If this is not the case, it is recommended that you keep the item in question out of your suitcase to avoid disappointment should it go missing.


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