5 Reasons Why Hiring A Home Inspector Before Buying A House Is A Good Idea

August 31, 2022

Buying a home is one of your life's most exciting and stressful experiences. While it's exciting to think about all the possibilities before you, it can also be incredibly overwhelming because there's no way to tell if the house will work for you until you purchase it.

As such, many people opt to hire a home inspector like Florida's Favorite before they buy a place to get some peace of mind about whether or not this home will be suitable for the long term. Here are some reasons why hiring a home inspector can help ease your stress during this big decision:

A Home Inspection Can Reveal Major Problems

A home inspector is there to look at the property with a keen eye. They can reveal significant problems with the property that you may have missed or not been able to spot.

Some of these issues include:

  • Hidden damage such as cracks in walls and foundations
  • Problems with plumbing, such as leaking pipes or faucets that don't shut off properly (which could lead to substantial water bills)

Help You Avoid Making A Bad Decision Based On Your Feelings

Real estate agents are trained to sell houses. They're not prepared to find problems and don't care if there are any. On the other hand, home inspectors are trained professionals who help you avoid making a wrong decision based on your feelings or emotions.

A Different Set of Eyes, With More Experience

A home inspector knows how to look for problems. They have more experience than you in the field. They can advise on how to repair or remedy issues during inspection. The best way to avoid issues with your new property is by engaging a buying inspection Orlando agency.

A Seller Will Have to Disclose Any Issues Found by the Inspector

If the inspector finds something you don't like, you can ask the seller to fix it or reduce the price accordingly. This upper hand is crucial if you're buying a home under contract (with an accepted offer already in place). If your inspector finds something pretty major—like foundation issues or structural problems—you can demand that the deal be voided because of "material misrepresentation" on both sides.

However, you don't have unlimited power to make demands. Most inspectors won't reveal everything they find unless an issue needs immediate attention (such as electrical problems).

But if something significant arises during the buying inspection Orlando and there are no other red flags, this option could come into play if it hasn't been addressed by any other means yet!

You Can Negotiate Repairs in Advance

The inspector is on the spot to report any issues they find with the property, but you can take advantage of this knowledge and have a say in what happens to those problems. If your inspector finds that some issues need fixing before you buy a house, you can negotiate repairs in advance.

For example, suppose your inspector discovers that one of the windows doesn't open or it's not sealing properly (a common issue).

In that case, you could ask for an upgrade from double-pane glass to triple-pane glass instead of just having it fixed. You could ask the seller if they'll pay for it as part of the sale price. If they refuse, consider walking away from the deal.

Final Word

Hiring an expert can save you headaches and money in the long run—especially if they find damages or issues that could cost you thousands. Let us know how buying inspectors has made your lives more manageable in the comments!

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