50th Birthday Gift Ideas For Women

August 22, 2022

Sometimes it can be hard to find the perfect gift for someone special in our lives. Especially when it’s a milestone birthday, like turning 50. The pressure can be higher when you're trying to find a perfect gift for a woman. Jewelry is an obvious and easy, and perhaps overused gift idea. If you want to select a meaningful, different gift, and maybe just what that person is looking for, then I have some ideas for you. Keep reading to see all of the best 50th birthday gift ideas for women. 

Kitchen ideas: 50th birthday gift ideas for women

Air Fryer

Kitchen gifts are a great idea for anyone in their 50s. However, you don’t want to gift something as basic as steak knives. To really step it up, you could opt for an air fryer. An air fryer is great for frying, roasting, baking, or even reheating. Depending on the model you choose, it can cost as low as $50.00, or as high as $500. That’s a pretty broad range, so you have many options to suit whatever budget you have. A great thing about an air fryer is that typically when frying food the main ingredient you need to use is oil. However, with an air fryer, there is no need for oil. It simply uses hot air. The main reason people love using an air fryer instead of a frying pan for frying food is that the exclusion of oil makes eating fried food that much healthier. 

Instant Pot

Another great kitchen idea is an instant pot. The great thing about an instant pot is all in the name. It’s instant. Perfect for people who don’t have a lot of time to make meals, but want a homecooked meal nonetheless. Back in the day crock pots were used for baking meat all day, to get it juicy and tender. The amazing thing about the instant pot is you can have that perfect, juicy, tenderized meat without having to spend the whole day baking it in the crock pot. With an instant pot, you can cook meat in as little as ten minutes, and still have that tenderness that the crock pot gives. And another great thing about choosing an instant pot? The cost. Most of them cost under $100.00.

Dutch Oven

You don’t have to opt for a shiny and new kitchen item though. Sometimes it’s great to get back to the basics. A dutch oven is a great idea for a cooking gift. It has roots all the way back to the 17th century. A dutch oven is a cooking pot that comes equipped with a tight lid. It’s typically made up of cast iron, ceramic, or aluminum. They are perfect for making casseroles, stews, or roasts. They are similar to a crock pot, only instead of sitting on the counter all day, you bake your meals directly in the oven. It may be one of the lowest baking tools, costing as low as $20.00. The priciest option would be up to $350.00. 

Keep reading to see more 50th birthday gift ideas for women. 

Relaxation: 50th birthday gift ideas for women

Weighted Blanket

Let’s take her out of the kitchen, shall we? After all, it’s 2022. Women in general love to be able to relax, especially women in their 50s. Candles used to be the go-to gift, however, let’s think a bit more creatively. I happen to love a weighted blanket. It helps with anxiety, stress relief, and all-around comfort. It’s a blanket that happens to be weighted with either glass beads, plastic pellets, ball bearings, or other types of materials. The idea of the weighted blankets is to gently apply pressure to your body while you are getting cozy under it, or sleeping. It can also be therapeutic as well, allowing for gentle, deep pressure therapy. It may weigh as little as five pounds, or as heavy as forty pounds. I happen to think the heavier the better. The cost range is anywhere from $45.00 or $300.00. 

Essential Oils

I mentioned candles, which I happen to think is a great gift for anyone of any age, however, have you ever considered essential oils? The thing I love most about essential oils, as opposed to candles, is that not only do they smell great, but they also have incredible healing capabilities. Whether you apply right to your skin for all-day use, or you use a diffuser for your home, the benefits are real. Lavender is my personal favorite oil, as it promotes complete relaxation. I think lying under a weighted blanket while essential oils flow through your room makes for the epitome of relaxation. This is probably the least expensive gift idea as well. A single bottle can cost around $5.00. However, they usually come in a variety pack, for as little as $20.00. You can click here to read more in-depth about the health benefits of essential oils. 

Bath Bombs 

Speaking of relaxation, you really can’t go wrong with bath bombs. A bubble bath has always been the quintessential method for relaxation, especially for women. While bath bubbles are great, bath bombs are really where it’s at. Much like essential oils, bath bombs give off a certain relaxing and therapeutic feeling. They are small, single-use balls that consist of oils and other fragrant extracts, that dissolve in water. Instead of bubbles, you get more of a fizzing effect in the tub. They come in a variety of colors and scents, all of which are amazing. They are also great for moisturizing your skin, so there isn’t even a need for lotioning once you get out of the tub. Much like the essential oils, the cost is low as well. One bath bomb can cost only $2.00, while a variety pack will cost around $25.00.

Keep going, there are more ideas for 50th birthday gift ideas for women. 

Hydration Help: 50th birthday gift ideas for women

Water Bottle 

Ok, while a water bottle may not seem like a good gift for anyone, it actually can be the perfect gift. There are so many different types of water bottles, used for different things. I feel like everyone feels they aren’t drinking enough water, and it’s true. However, having a cool and unique water bottle will only make hydrating that much more fun, and easy. There are water bottles that actually have markings on the side, to help guide you to the amount that you should be drinking throughout the day. I have one of these, and it really makes me drink the exact amount that I need to. It almost becomes a game or a challenge. Having a personalized water bottle also is great for the environment, for obvious reasons. That is something that anyone of any age can appreciate, but especially people of an older age. 

Home Decor: 50th birthday gift ideas for women

Throw Pillows or Blankets

Last but not least, we have home decor. This is a broad gift idea, however, an idea that depending on the personality of the women in your life, is a great idea. If you already know what her home looks like, then this can be easy for you. It’s also the type of gift that because it is based on her personal style and aesthetic, she will feel more seen and valued. There are many rooms in a home, so you have many different ideas of where to start with home decor. My personal favorite home decor gifts are accent pillows that can be used on either the couch or the bed. On the same line as an accent pillow, you also have a throw blanket. This is a great method of really tying the room together, or simply adding a pop of color or personality. 

Kitchen Trinkets

As far as the kitchen, you have the idea of a unique spatula holder, for either the stovetop or countertop. There are also many plaques that can be hung in the kitchen, with a variety of slogans. From the typically funny it’s wine-o'clock or the more traditional family-first designs. You also have the aesthetic of a soap dish, salt and pepper shakers, an oven towel, or a cutting board. These may seem like small and impersonal gifts, but you would be surprised at the variety of designs and types of small kitchen items out there. 

Conclusion: 50th birthday gift ideas for women

I hope that this list of 50th birthday gift ideas for women was helpful for you. It can be overwhelming at times to find the perfect gift for the perfect woman, however, there are so many great and unique gifts out there, that it can be simpler than you thought.

What are some gift ideas that you have come up with, that you may not have seen on this list? Feel free to comment below. And make sure to check out more gift and home decor ideas on our website!

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