6 Amazing Tricks To Get The Most Out Of Your Cigarette Boxes

August 5, 2022


Product packaging has always been a plus point in improving the perceived value of the product. Speaking of cigarettes, their frequent use is refrained as they are harmful to health. However, chain smokers find smoking as a source of relief from stress. Cigarette packaging matters a lot in making the product child-resistant. Also, the tagline 'smoking is injurious to health' imprinted on the packaging box shows how responsible the supplier is. Therefore, cigarette packaging have a very important role in branding.

Although most people stick to one brand when they find its product interesting on their first purchase, still you have the chance to become a favorite choice. For this purpose, packaging can assist you. With the help of professional product packaging, you can surely entice the audience and stand out in the competition. However, you must pay particular heed to each aspect of packaging.

Use high-quality material

Packaging material works as a backbone for the human body. Therefore, it should be strong enough to carry the weight of the product. Although tobacco cigarettes are not heavier products, they still need to be packed in a box that can protect them from damage. To achieve this goal, you can use different packaging materials but you must also ensure that the packaging material must be cost-effective and at the same time highly efficient.

In this facet, cardboard boxes are considered the best. You may also use rigid boxes if you have a margin in your budget. You must also use packaging material that can protect the product from external calamities. This is because cigarettes need to be protected from humidity so that the tobacco constituents would not get affected.

Choose a user-friendly design

Packaging should be user-friendly so that the consumer would come to your brand for the next time otherwise he has a lot of other options to go with. The weight of the packaging is an important factor to ponder. The lightweight packaging will bring convenience to the user to keep the cigarette box along with. This is because a chain smoker tends to keep the pocket-size cigarette box with him wherever he goes.

In this way, cardboard boxes are highly beneficial as they are lightweight. For cardboard boxes, you must construct a design that has a reseal feature so that the consumer will easily keep the cigarettes in it. For this purpose, you may have a wide range of designs such as tuck-end boxes, slider sleeve boxes, slotted boxes, and display boxes. These designs are mostly used for cigarette packaging for their user-friendly structure.

Create a unique template and layout

The outer appearance of the product plays a vital role in catching the sight of the potential customer. It can potentially make up the mind of the customer who shows passivity. For this purpose, you must offer customers something unique and fascinating. The packaging layout is a crucial factor in this regard. You must appropriately define the sides of the box for printing and labels. Create a symmetrical interface on the packaging box so that the customer will not be bemused.

The color selection may help you attract the audience. For this purpose, do not prioritize your interest instead do market research and gather data regarding customers' likes and dislikes. Also, analyze what your competitors are offering and how their sales rate is uplifting. Then, choose the colors that would not only help you to attract the audience but also aid you in standing out.

Do branding

Custom packaging bestows users with a cost-effective marketing tool. It helps you cut down your advertisement cost as it promotes your brand. For this purpose, you must print your brand name and logo design so that people will recognize you in a big pool. You must highlight these details by using vibrant colors that will not be mixed with the background colors.

Besides, you may also use high-end features such as silver or gold foiling, embossing, or debossing to make these details even more vibrant. You must also use unique graphics that would create a unique identity for your brand. Sometimes, the visuals become more memorable than a brand name. In this way, you must choose appealing graphics so that customers will remember you for a long.

Attractive finishing

The packaging texture not only entices the audience from a distance but also when a customer pick ups the product from the retail shelf and feels the soft touch. In this way, varnishes or coatings play a vital role in influencing customer behavior. For this purpose, you can use different finishes such as:

  • Spot UV
  • Gloss coating
  • Matte coating
  • Metallic coating
  • Soft-touch varnish
  • Aqueous coating
  • PVC lamination

You can choose whichever varnish you find suitable for your cigarette packaging. These coatings not only secure the packaging surface but also reveals a professional image. Therefore, doing proper finishing of the packaging is an essential factor.

Use inserts

When it comes to making the packaging more secure and professional, different inserts come on board. These inserts prevent the lousy impression and create a modish look. Especially when you include a transparent window patch in the box, the inserts showcase a fine arrangement of each cigarette placed inside the box. Different inserts are used in this regard such as:

  • Cardboard sliders
  • Paper sheets
  • Punch inserts

You may first use a foil sheet for wrapping cigarettes and then placed them in the inserts. In this way, you will get a more secure and professional packaging solution.


Cigarette packaging helps you in different ways. You can easily get paper cigarette boxes for sale from a professional packaging company. However, you must pay a great focus on the manufacturing of these boxes. You must choose a high-quality material and construct a design that would speak highly of your brand.

Print these boxes with your brand identity and use custom packaging as an effective marketing tool. You must also focus on the finishing and include inserts. In this way, you will be able to get an incredible packaging solution


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