6 Great Tips for Creating a Laundry Room You’ll Love

August 26, 2022

Laundry may not be everyone’s favorite chore, but it’s one that you can definitely have an easier time doing if you have the right space and equipment. One way that you can actually enjoy doing your laundry is by setting up a dedicated laundry room or laundry corner in your home. When you’ve got a space that’s properly outfitted for washing and drying clothes, as well as waiting for each laundry cycle to finish, even the most tiring tasks will be a little more pleasant for you to do.

How should you go about planning your laundry corner or laundry room? Here are six of the most useful tips for organizing, furnishing, and decorating the space:

Plan the Space Around Your Washing Machine

Your washing machine is the undisputed star of your laundry room. As such, all your plans to furnish and organize the space should hinge on the placement and size of the machine. You can work with the model you already have, or you can invest in a new machine that has dual washing and drying capabilities. For the latter, search for “washing machine with dryer price Philippines” online to narrow down your options for a practical, serviceable, and space-efficient model.

Install a Utility Sink

Another fixture that should be part of any laundry room is the utility sink. The sink will be very useful for when you want to hand-wash clothes or pre-soak stained garments before putting them in the machine. Having a dedicated utility sink for laundry purposes can also save you the inconvenience of dumping laundry wastewater in your kitchen sink. If you don’t already have one, it may cost you extra to install a utility sink, but it may be well worth the price for the functionality that it adds to your laundry room.

Put Shelves, Laundry Racks, and a Work Table in the Space

Next, you’ll need to furnish your laundry room or corner with shelves, laundry racks, and a work table. The shelves are where you should stock all your essentials for doing laundry, like detergent, fabric conditioner, and laundry scoops. Your wet clothes should be hung on the laundry racks, while dry clothes should be folded on the work table surface. You may need to try out different configurations to get everything to fit the way you want it to, but when that happens, it will be a lot easier to wash and sort all your laundry.

Fix Your Flooring to Be Safer and More Water-Resistant

A recurring problem that you’ll have wherever you do your laundry is wet floors. Apart from being inconvenient, wet floors can be dangerous. It’s possible to get into a nasty accident if you slip on a puddle from dripping-wet clothes. In addition, moisture buildup on your flooring can attract mold and pests, which can further endanger your health and wellbeing. This may also cause cracks and other damage to the floor. Among the investments you’ll make for your dream laundry room, consider including the installation of non-porous and water-resistant flooring. Keep the space even safer and drier by adding rugs or slip-proof mats.

Furnish Your Laundry Room with Handy Laundry Accessories

Once you’ve got the basics down, you can furnish your laundry room with accessories and décor that will make the space seem neater, more functional, and more aesthetically appealing. Get laundry baskets in different colors to have an easier time sorting everyone’s clothes, or buy cute jars and liquid dispensers for your soaps, detergents, and stain removers. If you think they can make the process easier, you can even look into getting laundry gizmos like dryer balls and laundry folders.

Make the space feel more pleasant to be in. Choose particular color schemes or textures for your items, like wooden shelves, racks, and baskets for an earthy feel, or muted gray or blue furnishings for a Nordic-inspired feel.

Finish the Space with Books, Magazines, or Other Trinkets for Passing the Time

Lastly, it would be good to set aside items that can help you pass the time while you’re waiting for your clothes to get clean and dry. When you’ve already placed the clothes into the machine and are simply waiting for the cycle to end, you can read from a book or magazine. It may also be the perfect time to catch up on your favorite TV show or podcast, so keep accessories like a phone or tablet stand and a portable speaker near your laundry corner. Before you know it, your laundry load will be done, and you’ll have made great use of your time.

The changes you make to your new laundry area will serve both a practical and decorative purpose. Not only will it be easier for you to do different types of laundry without straining yourself; you may actually look forward to doing your laundry routine in such a neat, peaceful, and personalized space. Use the tips above to design a laundry room or corner that will be a pleasure to work in!


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