6 Tips For Matching Shutters, Sidings, And Doors

August 18, 2022

A cohesive design makes a house stand out. Perfectly matching elements improve its curb appeal by creating an eye-catching harmony. It can make any home look elegant, warm, and welcoming.

The shutters, sidings, and doors attract the most attention when you look at a house from the outside. If they don’t complement each other, the home could look poorly designed. Therefore, choosing the right colors, materials, and styles is crucial to guarantee a perfect match.

Here are six tips for matching shutters, sidings, and doors.

1. Follow A Style Guide

Following a style guide is one of the easiest tricks to ensure your shutters, sidings, and doors match. Sticking with your current design theme creates perfect harmony for your home. Plus, purchasing the necessary pieces is easier when you have photos for inspiration.

Using a style guide starts with reassessing the architecture of your home and deciding whether to maintain or tweak the overall look. For instance, a classic colonial-style house usually has black or dark wooden doors, white or terracotta sidings, and blue shutters. These elements work together to create coherence and elegance.

On the other hand, you don’t always have to follow the style guide for the shutters strictly. You can have stylish shutters with a pop of color. To discover your options, you may check out standard and bespoke shutter designs at Universal Shutters.

2. Use A Color Palette

Every well-designed home follows a specific color palette. These colors put all the elements together to build visual balance. When matching shutters, sidings, and doors, using shades and tones aligned with your theme is the quickest hack.

One of the refreshing color palettes is earth tones. It’s perfect for houses surrounded by plants and trees, making the structure one with its environment. Plus, earth tones look simple yet refined and elegant.

If you’re looking for something vibrant, a palette consisting of beige, dark blue, and sky blue is eye-catching but still classy. This palette is flattering for architectural styles like a farmhouse, craftsman house, or townhouse.

3. Go Neutral

Neutral colors are the safest choice. Light gray sidings, black doors, and white shutters are some of the most straightforward options. However, you can also play around with brighter tones to bring life to the home.

Sticking with warm or cool tones alone maintains harmony when choosing a neutral palette. For a cool palette, installing greige sidings, cool-toned dark wood doors, shutters, and white window and door framing works like magic. These shades are suitable if you want tranquility and simplicity.

On the other hand, warm neutral shades like tan, terracotta, and redwood are great for houses in sunny regions. These warm tones give a subtle summer vibe without being too vibrant. If your home has these as the main colors, white or light beige shutters would be perfect.

4. Select Analogous Colors

Playing with colors is fun. However, it’s tricky to find which colors match each other without disturbing the harmony. One way to do it is to choose analogous colors or shades beside each other on the color wheel.

For instance, the shades under the colors blue-green, blue, and blue-violet make a monotonous yet very calming design. Minimizing the contrast eliminates visual clutter, giving a relaxing atmosphere. You can use a combination of lighter and darker shades like blue-green sidings, dark blue shutters, and blue-violet doors.

5. Choose Natural Materials

Choosing natural materials for your home exterior is one way to blend in with nature. Natural elements like wood, stone, and concrete create a refreshing atmosphere. These are usually present both in traditional and modern architectural styles.

If you have stone or concrete siding, using red cedar or redwood doors and shutters is ideal. Any type of wood with a darker color and visible grains is excellent for complementing the cool-toned exterior walls. They also give a classy and earthy vibe to the home.

Aside from designing a visually appealing exterior, using natural materials is suitable for conserving the environment. It reduces your home’s carbon footprint. Plus, you can use recycled and repurposed timber to cut costs and be more eco-friendly.

6. Create Contrast

Creating a strong visual contrast can make your house more distinctive. Complementary colors and the combination of light and dark help define the home’s architectural features. However, getting it right is always tricky.

For colorful and art deco homes, using complementary colors is one of the best design techniques. Looking at a color wheel, the shades opposite each other are complementary, e.g., violet and yellow, pink and yellow-green, and blue and orange. You can get the muted versions of these shades to avoid an eyesore. For example, pale yellow sidings, dark violet doors, and shutters with white window frames and eaves are a great choice.


Matching shutters, sidings, and doors are details that complete a house aesthetically. However, you can always break design rules and put some personal touches. After all, your home should express your creativity and passion.



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