7 Economical Ways to Reuse Your Old Cushions and Cushion Covers

August 1, 2022

Since you have a few thoughts on how frequently you ought to supplant your foam seat pads, you might be considering how you ought to manage your old cushions. With millions, on the off chance that not billions, of old pads in landfills at the present time, occupying bunches of room, with years to go before they are totally separated or debased, you won't have any desire to discard them.

Did you had at least some idea that the National Sleep Foundation suggests you supplant your pad each one to two years? This may not seem like long, however pads go through a lot of mileage. What's more, since you lay your face on them, they can collect a significant number of disagreeable things like spit, skin oils, cosmetics, dead skin cells, and indeed, even residue vermin and form.

All in all, assuming the typical individual is supplanting bed cushions that frequently, what befalls every one of the old pads? Fortunately, these soft pads can in any case be valuable after their days on the bed are finished. Investigate a couple of inventive ways of putting old cushions to utilize and keep them out of landfills. Pads come in different shapes and sizes. They not just add to the tasteful of your home yet in addition help in giving solace. At times because of drawn out utilization, the pad stuffing might begin to empty and the texture can tear separated without any problem.

Right now, you might want to discard them and purchasing new ones. In any case, you can really utilize a shrewd way of putting those old pads to a down to earth use. In this article, we will investigate different approaches to reuse and reuse old pads and pad covers to improve use out of them.


The first important thing:

  • Be sure to wash and dry old pillows before recycling or reusing them.
  • It is recommended to wash with warm water or hot water, add 1/2 cup of white vinegar instead of chlorine bleach to whiten, and wash and rinse regularly. You can then dry them over low to medium heat.
  • Discard discoloured, dirty or torn cushion covers. Well, no explanation is needed here.
  • When handling pillow padding, use a gas mask in case you are sensitive or allergic to fine particles of any material.
  • Collect all pillow stuffing and place it in a large box or other container so you can see how much raw material and recyclable material you have.


1. Create pet beds

How often do your furry friends leave their bed to snuggle up to your bed? The new pillows have a factory scent, while the old pillows give off a homely scent of you or your home. Replacing old pillows with pet beds increases the chances that your furry friends will stay in bed. You can achieve this with little or no sewing and your wallet will be happy too! I know how to spend dozens of dollars on a luxury bed in Fido or Fluffy, but still curl up in dirty laundry? A pet bed made of old pillows can solve two problems at the same time. First, it's an easy way to reuse pillows. Second, pets tend to take a nap there because they smell like you, not a random factory.


2. Use as smaller cushions or floor cushions

As pillows get older, they usually fall apart or start to become bulky. Instead of buying new pillows or throws, you can compress the padding to fit square pillows or travel pillows. If you have some old pillows to reuse, making a larger floor pillow is a convenient solution. Great for collecting instant video games, movie parties and board games, a large pair of pillows welcomes you to add to your family room or playroom. Finding ready-made pillowcases is very easy (some fit more than one bed pillow). Or you can sew your own cover with fabric to suit your decoration.


3. Restuff an old toy

When children and pets play with toys, they may break them apart. When some of those old stuffed animals collect dust, you can revive them by replacing their stuffing with stuffing from old pillows.


4. Use as insulation

If you live in cold places all year round, old pillows can serve as great insulation around your home. Use between pipes and in the attic. Can also be used around hot water tanks and bathtubs.

5. Use for packaging

When we move to a new location, we all pay close attention to delicate items. If not handled properly, fragile or expensive furniture can be damaged on the move. Old pillows can be used as pads between these items to protect them from scratches and damage. Save old pillows and use them as packing material or when moving home. Vacuum storage bags are a great way to compress until you need them. Then, if you need to ship boxes of delicate items or protect your furniture from scratches, have them handy. This is a good way to use a solid memory or latex foam pillow as the material can be cut to size.


6. Convert into a tote bag

The fabric of the pillowcase is different from the pillowcase. The pillowcase fabric is fairly thick and durable. This gives you a great opportunity to reuse them for a variety of purposes. Fashionable tote bags can be reused from old cushion covers. The tote bag requires minimal sewing and is ideal for everyday use!


7. Reuse parts of the cover

Fading or tearing of the pillowcase makes it difficult to reuse the fabric. However, you can use other accessories such as buttons, zippers, and embroidery on the pillows. You can reuse these accessories to create new pillowcases or reuse items for another project.

If for some reason you can't reuse your old pillow, you can always consider donating to a charity. Before donating, make sure your pillows are clean and ready to use. Thrift shops and charities such as Goodwill, Easter Seals, The Purple Heart Foundation, and The Salvation Army accept all textiles as donations as long as they are "not wet or contaminated".

If you cannot sell cushions, these organizations are associated with textile recyclers and are more likely to be recycled. You may also have been lucky to donate your old pillows to a local animal shelter or wildlife caretaker (or turn them into pet beds). You can also pass them to someone who has a little better access via Craigslist or Freecycle. There may be a textile recycling facility nearby that specializes in textiles and textiles and accepts pillows. Some use only linen, and foam pillows are ideal for mattresses or foam recyclers.


Making Your Pillows Last Longer

There are also several ways to extend the life of your pillow. The first is to buy high quality and sustainable pillows that tend to keep their shape for a long time. The second most important thing you can do is use a pillow protector. These zippered covers are located on the pillows just below the pillowcases. Protectors are usually cheap and prevent moisture and some allergens from reaching the pillow, extending the life of the pillow. Other useful tips are to change your sleeping side on a regular basis, how to wash your clothes, and fluff your pillows on a regular basis.

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