A Guide To Essential Automotive Locksmith Tools

August 4, 2022

A Guide To Essential Automotive Locksmith Tools

Have you ever been in a scenario where you were locked out of your car and hired a professional locksmith to help you get back in? If so, have you ever wondered what tools they bring with them? To satisfy your insatiable need for knowledge, here is a rundown of the several locksmith tools that an automotive locksmith uses.

Essential Automobile Locksmith Tools

Automotive locksmiths are professional and trained locksmiths specializing in automobile locks and keys. Let's explore a handful of the most essential tools in a locksmith's toolbox.

1. Hook

Hooks are helpful locksmith equipment to keep on hand when you don't want to use a paper clip to pick a lock. It is utilized for a variety of tasks, including single pin plucking. It can be used inverted or as a "bitch" pick.

2. Scope

Locksmiths use a scope to work in confined locations and with small parts. A scope comes in handy when changing any little item during a service.

3. Key Extractor

You can use a key extractor to extract a key that has been stuck in a key slot. This tool is required to remove any foreign objects lodged in your key slots.

4. Installation Templates

Using an installation template is the best option when installing a new lock system. An installation template assists locksmiths in drilling the holes properly. It saves time and protects the vehicle from damage.

5. Rakes

With its saw-like shape, the City Rake or L Rake looks like an actual city skyline. Using the blade, you can wiggle the keyway as if biting down on a key.

The Bogota rake is well-known due to its similarity to the Bogota keyhole, allowing the user to insert easily and remove the tool. Even if the keyhole isn't big enough for a rake, locksmiths carry a Bogota in their toolbox just in case.

6. Tension Wrench

A 90-degree bend in a flat steel strip makes up a tension wrench. There is a long and a short end to it.

To get to at least half the keyway length, you need to use the shorter end of the wrench. To turn the plug, this component of the wrench works just like the blade on a key.

The bottom of the keyway is where you should utilize this tension wrench. The length and size of the tension wrench can vary significantly. You may use it to pick locks easily.

7. Lock Pick Guns

Locksmiths also use lock pick guns. This instrument is far more efficient than picking locks by hand. A lock pick gun now contains externally driven electronic components. Auto jigglers is a lock pick designed for both local and foreign vehicles.

8. Universal Gas Cap

Car door keys are not the only ones that are frequently lost. Numerous gas caps have gas locks to deter theft. To open any tank, automotive locksmiths utilize a universal gas cap key.

9. Auto Shutter Equipment Set

This device can hold open dust covers on car lock mechanisms. When employing an automatic shutter, locksmiths are cautious to prevent damage to the vehicle.

Reasons To Hire a Professional Automotive Locksmith

Being locked out of your car is one of the most terrible things. In such instances, you cannot open the automobile and must seek the assistance of a professional locksmith. Here are some excellent advantages to hiring a car locksmith for your vehicle:

They have the knowledge and experience.

Professional automotive locksmiths have the accreditation and knowledge to address any automobile lockout situation. They have significant experience with various types of locks, keys, and other security features for your car. They are knowledgeable in rekeying locks, dealing with lockouts, and replacing or repairing locks.

Furthermore, professional automotive locksmiths also offer tips on preventing the same problem in the future.

They have the necessary tools and equipment.

Because some car locks are difficult to repair, it is advisable to get professional assistance. Professional auto locksmiths always have the necessary locksmith tools in their toolbox to do any work successfully. A skilled locksmith can complete the work correctly while avoiding damage to your locks.

They offer 24-hour support.

Since locksmith crises can arise at anytime, skilled locksmiths are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Regardless of the hour, you may always contact your locksmith for assistance. According to a locksmith in Avon, someone is always available to assist you in an emergency even beyond regular business hours.

Key Takeaway

Many people have experienced the terrible circumstance of being locked out of their car. They either misplaced the car keys or left them inside the car when leaving. Other scenarios can also be keys broken inside the lock, and the locks will not open despite several efforts. Fortunately, professional automotive locksmiths are a call away; they are available 24/7 to assist us during emergencies. With their expertise and essential tools and equipment mentioned above, they can quickly help us out of our miseries.



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