Applying for Kredittkort På Dagen and Getting Approved

August 12, 2022

Various financial instruments are available to many consumers nowadays. This means that an individual can easily apply for a loan or credit card with the help of banks or financial companies that can be found online.

There are a lot of reasons why so many people get a loan today. Some of them are to purchase a car, home, or necessities that they need daily. Others turn to credit cards during times of emergencies or when they are shopping for high-ticket items. Today, many financial companies make loans and credit cards more accessible so you can buy what you want.

However, one of many people's complaints is when they get rejected by the bank. You might want to know how to boost your chances of getting approved and if so, know that you're on the right page.

What you Should Know about Bank Approval

Financial institutions like banks or credit unions generally have a simple logic when approving or rejecting applicants. The overall loan amount they request should never exceed their capacity to pay. This is why there are so many factors that are taken into account before getting approved, such as the following:

Credit Rating – The current credit score of the borrower matters. This is where the bank or the private lending company looks at your payments history and any instances of bankruptcy or loan defaults that you might have had in the past. Maintaining a high credit rating score to boost your chances of getting approved is important.

Balance Transfer Amount – The amount and history of balance transfers you've done in the past matters. This is where you apply for a new credit card in order to pay for the old one. This is a red flag for some financiers, so minimize this as much as possible.

Current Exposure to Loans – Companies usually analyze the number of debts you have from various lenders. If they see that you're paying a lot of financiers every month, they generally tend to reject your credit card or loan request. Make sure to pay everything and decrease your outflows monthly to get the funds you need.

These credit cards are considered unsecured consumer debts, and you won't have to place any collateral or assets on the line to get one. The line of credit is generally open-ended; you can borrow whenever you like as long as you continue to pay the balance at the end of each cycle. However, there's a limit on the overall amount you can borrow.

It's not similar to a mortgage or other types that are close-ended. It does not have an end date, and you can repeatedly borrow within a cycle. Since getting a credit card means you're essentially getting an unsecured debt, most financiers don't want to take a risk, and they won't offer a credit card when they see that you already have several of them.

Help with your Finances

You might want to know how to pay off your debts and apply for a low-interest credit card. If so, you might want to know about some platforms that require Kredittkort på dagen med BankID to improve your chances of getting the approval you need. Many financiers might give you an opportunity and send you a response on the same day of your application but make sure that you have a good credit standing or you're on the way to managing your finances.

About the Due Diligence Done to the Customer

Tight regulations like the anti-money laundering law generally oblige a bank or a private financial institution to conduct a thorough background check on their customers before they open a savings account or apply for a loan. These comprehensive measures will involve verifying and identifying the customers' identities and getting other relevant information from the borrower.

Proof of Identity

Some banks in other countries will require a valid ID as proof of a customer's identity. They verify the submitted documents and decide whether to take the risk or not. Some will require a national ID card, passport, or a bill that shows your residential address to verify your identity.

Purpose of Getting a Credit Card

If you're new to everything, you might want to explain why you need to get credit cards and their purpose. You might also tell the representative your plans for using them when you get them. Some get banking services first where they can save their hard-earned money, pay their bills, and transfer to others for convenience. After they have developed a long-term relationship with their banks, this is the only time when they will apply for a credit card.

Issuance of Payment Cards

Sometimes, you won't get a credit card right away upon application. Instead, some lenders will require you to present collateral such as your savings account that they can seize in case a borrower defaults on the loan. This is where payment cards come in, where the limit is often tied to the amount available in your account.

After a while, when you've proven your creditworthiness to a specific financial institution, they might decide to change the payment card into a credit one. This will not be tied to your current savings, and you'll have the opportunity to pay for high-ticket items and other goods without dipping into your money.

About BankID

In countries like Norway, BankID is used for online sign-up and secure identification. They act as a passport where you can verify your identity on the web. In the real world, you generally use pen and paper to sign contracts, while Bank IDs are often enough to sign notifications and documents online. See more about BankID on this page.

This will allow you to sign-up to various financial institutions without needing to go to the physical branch or be present during the application. Many banks will be able to access and verify the BankID that's been issued by other financial institutions. This is pretty handy when you want to apply for a loan, offer for houses that are on sale, change your address, and register your rights.

Other debit cards will have a picture of your BankID on them and serve as identification documents. They will be able to give you a chance to get a credit card from various providers without delays. After you have been approved for a credit card, you might want to research ways on how you could stay current with your dues and be financially wise. Here are some tips that can help you:

1. Understand your income, debt, and overall finances. Know the amount that you need to pay each month. Work on your daily budget, avoid unnecessary spending to get further into debt and turn this into a habit so you can pay off your loans fast.

2. Set aside a specific amount to pay for your cards. Generally, you might want to save up or use any bonuses that you have to pay for any outstanding bills that you have. Transfer this into a separate bank account whenever necessary, so you would not be tempted to spend it.

3. Stop the use of the cards. Even if it's only for a short period, stop shopping when you know your debt is ballooning. The interest will be worse, and it can be harder to pay your loans when the amount keeps increasing each month.

4. Prioritize your bills. Most of your fines and council taxes should be paid on time. Don't forget to pay for your utility bills and other necessities so you won't be cut off from the necessary resources you need each month.

5. Get help. You might want to call a financial advisor and enlist their help if you're unsure what to do and can't get rid of the damaging habits you've developed over time. You can try a different solution, such as refinancing or debt consolidation but make sure to only apply for loans that offer low-interest rates.


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